Does green tea help to pass a drug test

Hey does greentea help to pass a drug test

Answer #1

there are chemicals in green tea that help to improve your metabolism which would affect drugs tests since you would purge the drug from your system faster. Even so that would take time and I doubt the effect would be significant enough that you could drink green tea before a drug test and pass. I have no medical proof to back this up though. Nothing much you could do about a blood drug test in the first place.

There are herbal “purification” teas that are better used for passing drug tests. I am told they work by essentially forcing your kidneys to shed a lining (not healthy). This would also turn your urine an odd color. The most this does is require you to retest at a later date.

Niacin, a B vitamin, also increases your metabolism. That will sort of help in a pinch, but only if you were close to borderline.

Really the best way to pass a drug test is to not take drugs. Crazy stuff I know…

Answer #2

I sure wouldn’t count on it…Everyday here, I see somebody asking if this or that will help pass a drug screen…What I don’t get, if you KNOW you have one coming up, why use at all…only NOT USING will guarentee that you will pass a drug screen…period.


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