Is there any way to beat drug tests?

I have to now take random, at home drug tests because I was expelled from school for smoking marijuana & then coming to school. However, I don’t want to give smoking up because I’m one of those people that performs better while high. So is there any way to beat the system? Please help

Answer #1

ya take cranberry pills. i do it and i have never failde a ua

Answer #2

No shes partly right but also wrong, you can pass if you take some niasin, it is a weight losing pill that you can get at many grociery stores, take like 5 to 10 the night before and you should pass, my friend has random UA’s and it works everytime.

Answer #3

sry I wrote that last post in the wrong topic

Answer #4

take like 4+ pills of niasin, it is a weight losing pill, most thc is stored in the fat so the niasin takes it all out, if you are skinny you wont really lose weight, I have a friend that is on random UA’s and he takes them the night before the UA and he passes every time.

Answer #5

yeah, you can drink cranberry juice or take the pills… also you can go to like WALGREENS, RITE AID, and places like that and where you find the drug test you can get this liquid stuff that you drink and it takes it outta your system.. but its like $50

Answer #6

I was never drug tested when I used to do it back in the day but a lot of my old friends where. One particular friend used to drink lots of water! Also I heard that poppy seeds can be confused as the imfamous mary jane when you take a drug test so you could always say you had bread that had poppy seeds in it! If you drink lots of water it just might flush it out of your system!

Try to avoid your drug test for 30 days thats when it clears from your system… Good luck!

Answer #7

Dear sxy_bby, Well if these remedies worked no one would fail a drug test, but people fail them all the time. Since THC is stored in the bodies fat the only thing that can rid the body of it is time. Depending on the amount you smoke it takes THC 2-40 days to leave the body. If you recently smoked and have the test you will fail. Like I stated no one would be failing these tests if there were a way to flush the body. Sue…good luck

Answer #8

please read previous posts on the dangers of using Niasin. Sue

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