How can I cleanse my system for a drug test in 24 hours?

Are there any home remedies I can use to past a drug test, just had a bong hit last weekend. Test is tomorrow.

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Take lots of water I mean a gallon of water pickle juice B-!2 ,c b But it all depends what your drug of choice is .I need to know more before I may help you. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Take a vitamin B complex a couple days prior..try not to skip any meals, and don’t eat lots of carbs or salt..try a detox tea or detoxifying supplement like Niacin. Drink water and make sure you urinate at least 5-6 times before the test..that way, the water passes through your blood so quick, it may dilute the toxins so you’ll secrete mostly water. Try if you can to test later in the day because the closer you pee to the time you woke up, the denser the blood and urine are with toxins.

Good Luck Paula

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unfornately, I was required to summit to random drug tests. Found taking a Vitamin B complex, water pills & @ least 4(16oz) glasses of water &/or green tea. –then I pray a lot.but, I’ve heard vinegar or pickle juice it changes the ph level in the urine & makes it detectable tampering, So, dilute to the Max–drink up.And avoid use is the best answer;though not an easy solution.

Answer #5

Hey guys I’ve taken a test for “everything” before when I was on probation. I had taken ex the past 2 nights before a suprise urine test the best way to detox is to drink around 1 cup of pickle juice, vitamine b-12, B and C. this clears your system withing a 6 hour period if you are not above 200 pounds. (I recomend a lot of pickle juice if possible. the more vinagar you consume the better chance you have at passing your screening.) do remember that if you have a screening do not do drugs. its not worth it. good luck and remember to drink lots and lots of water!!!

Answer #6

the best i can tell you is to drink a whole lot of water to flush it out of your system however they may take a strand of hair and their is no way of avoiding that it takes up to six months for the drug evidence to get out of your hair getting a hair cut as low as britney spear’s might do the trick. good luck. hope i helped

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