Will the auto-makers be back ?

How long will it be (if at all) before the auto-makers are back at the table asking for more money, should it be granted, and what is our exit strategy ?

Answer #1

Jag30, letting a million plus jobs be lost would be disasterous to our already fragile economy. I don’t like it either, but doing nothing is suicide.

Answer #2

Hmmm - Food for Thought:

“A 1979 bailout enabled Chrysler to survive to be a problem today.”

Answer #3

Ploy to bust a union huh? Obviously the way they were running things until now didn’t hold up to well. Obviously the horrible economy is hugely to blame but not completely. I think we should not bail them out. Let them go under, they will rebuild the companys with new union contracts, up to date union contracts, and have to come back harder and stronger than before. It is not the responsibility of the government to step in and help businesses that go under. And yes of course they will be back asking for more, just like the banking industry. It makes me feel like I should stop paying my mortgage and my car loans cuase hey, someone will step in and take care of it!!

Answer #4

Exactly filetofspam, this was nothing but a ploy by the republicans to bust a union.

They care nothing about workers.

Answer #5

WOW !! - Look who just showed up before the Congress seeking an urgent BAILOUT !! http://www.cyber-junkie.com/youtube/video/_STQTHcXDaM/Santa-Claus-Bailout-Request-From-Congress.html

Merry Christmas !!

Answer #6

If we give them money now, they’ll never stop asking. This isn’t the first bailout for Chrysler.

If we let them just go into bankruptcy, GM will go under, but Saturn will get sold or spun off since its the only GM division worth more than zero. There will be drastic changes at Ford and Chrysler, which is what is needed.

Answer #7

Chrysler did pay back all the money they got with interest.

The bailout of the American auto industry is not popular with Republicans because they see it as a chance to break the back of the UAW. Left leaning Detroit and unions can’t count on the same level of support that crooked right leaning bankers got.

While the American auto industry does have its problems much of the current crisis is due to the extremely bad economy which is the result of deficit spending and failures in other industries (real estate, banking, etc.)

toadaly, Not really sure what is so special about Saturn within GM. They do seem to be somewhat better at marketing than other GM brands. Saturns are generally versions of other GM vehicles with certain styling cues to make them look like a Saturn.

Of course American auto makers do need to improve their product; they also need to look forward (hybrids, electrics, fuel cells, etc.) rather than backward (full size pickups and SUVs). Toyota lost money for years on the Prius but they knew a time would come when people needed superior fuel economy; now Toyota almost owns the hybrid market. Our auto industry probably does need some protectionism. I don’t want automakers to have to cut American wages to the point where our workers have to directly compete with workers in Korea and Mexico. I do think we need to protect the middle class standard of living. I don’t look forward to a future where most people have to work for Walmart of similar outfits.

Like I said in other advice, I think there should be a bailout with conditions. The big 3 would have to build cars in American factories with American steel and supplies. If we give the big 3 money so they can ship all of our jobs overseas I don’t see that as being worth it.

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