How do I install my Jensen A1000 amplifier in my '97 Dodge Intrepid?

Hello! I have a Jensen A1000 amplifier, and I’m not sure how to install it. It’s kind of an older model, I believe… It’s got 3 wires protruding from it: a Yellow wire, a Black wire, and a smaller gauge Blue wire. I’m planning to attach the Yellow and Black directly to my alternator(hopefully I can figure out how to do that), but I’m completely clueless as to what to do with the Blue wire. It says I HAVE to connect it to something, but I don’t know what.

Secondly, I’m using it to power a 12” Dual subwoofer in a sealed box(I’m not sure if I need to make a port in the box to use my sub at max power). I’m planning to use my back speakers in my ‘97 Intrepid as the input by connecting 8g wire to the existing speaker connection in the back, whilst keeping my stock car speakers hooked up as well. As for output, I have 6g wires. If there’s anything wrong with this, please let me know. I’m VERY new to hooking these things up.

Finally, I’m not sure where to run the wires from my trunk to my alternator without making them completely apparent and ugly. My main issue, however is where that Blue wire goes…

Answer #1

And still no answers… Haha… I think I’m just gonna sell it.

Answer #2

The blue wire is called a remote wire. your deck is supposed to have a similar wire that you can connect to the wire. What that does is allows your deck to turn on your amp.

Answer #3

ok do you have stock speakers or did you buy new speakers and a sub to support your AMP? there are many ways to install it such as were are you going to run the wires which need to have the right power specs on them let me know and i will be able to help your more

Answer #4

Its pretty easy actually. Do you have subs? Basically you need, a power wire (with a fuse), a ground wire, and a remote or some sort (off the back of the stereo or by switch.) Also your stereo will need an RCA output to go to the amp for a signal. Disconnect your battery before you hook things up as a safety precaution. Find a good place for your Amp. preferably a place where air can get to it, that what those fins are, for keeping the amp cool.

Answer #5

I would hook it up to your battery, you can use a CAP, or capacitor if you experience dimming when the amp is turned all the way up. But if your into quality listening then you probably shouldnt go up past 3/4 the way. If you want more details, or step by step instruction just funmail me and I’ll get you all hooked up.

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