Title for a car??

My boyfriend and his father have been fighting lately. Ever since he moved out of his fathers and back in with his mom. His father had gotten him a rant for christmas but then took it back a month later due to the phone bill. Which me and him know that he didn’t run up. In order for him to get his car back from his fathers house out in friendship he had to give the phone back to his father. He has his car and the original title for it but his dad is bribing him to come visit because he “misses” him. Which we both know is a lie because when he was going to go out there he dad wouldn’t let him because bow season was opening. So he must not miss him that much. So my boyfriend wants his phone back and his bow. But his father will not let him have either and he is now threating to take his car back because he has another title for it. so my questions are Can he take the car back with a duplicate of the title? Can my boyfriend take him to court if he trys, since my boyfriend has the original?

Answer #1

It depends on whose name the title is in. If it is under his fathers name, his father is very able to take the car back even though your boyfriend may posses the title. If the title was legally switched into your bfs name then no, his father can not take the car back. As for taking it to court, that is a really sticky situation. If the title is in his fathers name BUT he paid for the entire thing, a judge may find in your boyfriend’s favor. However thats a big risk to take. If the title is in your bfs name then without a doubt there is nothing his father can do about getting it back.

It is not a matter of who physically has the title but whose name the title is under.

I hope that helps

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