What type of material should I use to mount my rear view mirror back on?

It keeps falling off, I’ve tried two-sided-tape and super glue and neither one will hold. Any ideas?

Answer #1

I suggest you take it to a body shop and have it professionally replaced or it will keep falling off no matter what you do.

Answer #2

You can buy the little kit at any auto parts store. It comes with the stuff to clean the old glue off, and the glue for putting it back on. I’ve done it many times in the last many years…Costs about $5.00 for the kit.

Answer #3

That’s for several older cars….the auto place will use the same kit.

Answer #4

go to an auto supply store and tell them what you need. There is a special glue made just for gluing on mirrors

Answer #5

Or you could buy some 3M double sided tape, it works great. Ive done it lotsss of times.

Answer #6

get a razor blade and scrap off old glue then use super glue and let dry for a good 6-8 hr i would do it at night so in the morning it would be ready…when doing it put heater on so the glue can harden faster…hope i helped.

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