Why don't people just use Google sometimes lol?

I needed more detail. Ignorant humans. I love cats. My last name is German. I wish the A/C would stay on because I like the white noise for going to sleep. Good morning FunAdvice.

Answer #1

I am so sorry…lol the body part wasn’t what I was trying to ask! I thought that was only going to be in the detail part that no one saw and I was just messing around ): I had typed a completely different body explaining my question. I meant why don’t they use google for things like, can I bathe a rat? Or what stretches can I do to help my splits? Because I can’t really explain numerous stretches as well as pictures can. That’s all I meant and I promise I was not trying to be ugly. I definitely love funadvice; I wanted to ask a question that was more personal related one day rather than a google answer, and that’s what brought me to this site (: I completely agree that this site gives everyone the opportunity to make great conversation with new people. I love all of the different perspectives you get from people on this site and how easy it is to be more open about it unlike a social site. No one is quick to judge and someone is bound to relate. My question was just for kicks anyway. I think it’s fun when someone is questioning how to bathe a rat or other hysterical things. Funadvice is my new addiction and I wish I had known about this site sooner!

Answer #2

It’s worth noting that using a search engine effectively, getting only the information you need and nothing else, is a skill that needs to be learned, not an ability that every human is born with. Journalism schools still have classes in research and information management, after all. So while you think using Google to find your answers is a simple task, that might not be the case for everyone.

Answer #3

Haha, love the detail.

I do agree though, some of the questions on here could easily be answered in 10 seconds on Google, But often people want honest, simple responses from actual people and not an essay on the question.

And I’ve noticed that a lot of the people on here regularly just like to talk and often seem to ask questions to make a conversation.

Answer #4

Let’s see:

  1. Google indexes websites (like ours…) they don’t host much content themselves…when they started in fact, they hosted zero content.
  2. So, if sites like ours didn’t exist (and Google.com was the only site on the planet)
  3. Google would be 100% useless :)

So you see, by using FunAdvice, you’re making not only Google better, but the entire internet better…lol.

Also believe it or not, some questions can’t be answered at all in a search engine…better to get advice and perspective from real people. Of course, if I want to buy something, Google rocks.

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