Why do people still bother to ask things on FunAdvice when they can Google it?

I’ve seen some questions that has straight answers, like when’s the birthday of this celebrity, what’s the meaning of this word, where is that. Why can’t they just search the net themselves?

Answer #1

In Google we get answers from a machine. Here we get answers from friends. See the difference?

Answer #2

I see the difference. But I don’t get why there is a need to get answers from “friends”.

Answer #3

I don’t really know, much quicker to use google… :/

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Answer #5

Depends on the question actually.

Most questions ask for opinions. And you can’t get opinions from google. Google won’t help with any personal problems either.

Some questions ask for mere facts. I don’t know why people don’t google those. Or look them up in the wikis. But then, sometimes when you research some subject and you don’t know the right terms to google for, you get stuck and the internet spits out only cr4p. Then you better ask a human. And they will use some word or term that will make better search engine input.

Answer #6

you cant be friend with google but you can make friends here

Answer #7

FA is more personable

Answer #8

I don’t know, Natasha; why don’t you google it? (j/k!!!) {;^)

Answer #9

What do you think would happen if there were no sites like this one where people answer questions from other people? I’ll tell you. It would be much more difficult to find answers because sites like this one are a leading source of information when people use Google. Imagine Googling a question and the answer Google pulled up was “Google it”.

Answer #10

Haha. -.-

Answer #11

Sites like this one are the leading source when people use Google? That makes Google unreliable, don’t you think? Anyway, that’s not the point. Thanks! :)

Answer #12

That’s right, Natasha; google is not reliable. It turns up anything on the Net. Google users have to learn to winnow the useful from the chaff. Colleen was pointing out that a lot of both come from sites like this.

Answer #13

I do generally Google things but here I like that you can get many answers and opinions.

Answer #14

Like those too lazy to do their own homework research? I agree. But for inquiries that relate to seeing perspectives or point of views, you need the human factor in seeing a broader picture of things.

Answer #15

you actually get advice here if you need it.

Answer #16

Google is a search engine which leads you to websites like this..and you also get more detailed answers here from your peers.

Answer #17

Oh okay, I get it. Thanks.

Answer #18

So that we can solve our problems from heart to heart :D

Answer #19

It an advice site. Sure you google it and you get facts. But with funadvice, the point is you get advice and opinion from real people’s different perspective. And it’s much more personal because you get specific answers for questions rather than broad answers from researching it.

Answer #20

I agree with colleen because, I came across FA through google when I was researching for my project :) And

Answer #21

I agree with colleen because, I came across FA through google when I was researching for my project :)

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