Why Are Tropical Rainforests Being Cut Down?

Why Are Tropical Rainforests Being Cut Down?

Answer #1

To man reasons:

  1. profit, especially by big international companies (tropical woods like teak and mahogony are very popular in the furniture industry, for one thing).Clear-cut lumbering tech nques are often used, without re-planting the precious trees. Also for profit from mining, as gold, silver, gemstones and other precious minerals are often found beneath the surface. The mining techniques are often rough (like open mining) and the land gets washed away afterward. And the native people rarely receive any compensation.

  2. colonization - especially in the Amazon region, ‘white’ (non-indigenous/non-‘Indian’) settlers have been bruning down the forest to settle there as farmers. Not only is the land not theirs by law, the soil of tropical rainforests rapidly becomes infertile with regular cultivation, and so after a few crops, the land is dry and useless, and the rainforest is gone.

The Rainforest Foundation that I mentioned in my other answer is one of the biggest organizations worldwide that is working to combat these problems.

Answer #2

For the use of irrigation. But the problem of that is they use the land until there are no nutrients left in the soil. They leave the land when all the nutrients are drained from the soil and the land is useless. Which is 1 of the reasons for DEFORESTATION.

Answer #3

for money, for land, for fun… people are such dushes… were taking homes away from a lot or endangerd species… and were killing the earth

Answer #4

so they could have a lot of money and stuff like that ande they just wont to built more houses and more buildings…

   not called for
Answer #5

it isa not for fun cutting down the rainforesst it is just all the big company wanting the plants to make there products

like for example

toilet roll companys bed companys pc world / there computer desks are made from wood currys lv house companys

but some companys when they cut down 1 tree they replant 3 but one thing that I hate is when they cut it down to make factorys that because globle warming with all the gasses and did you know that every 10 seconds a full patch of trees are cut down we are destoring our earth

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