Why is baptist water always cold?

why is the water in the baptistry always cold even when they heat it? are they making sure we don't sin by freezing us to death?

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I don't know. but mabey they just don't heat it long enough!!!

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If you catch pneumonia, they can tell you that you'll be in need of a faith healer, prayer, etc. which of course will keep you coming right back to church. It's a business practice, really.


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LOL thats cute...Not sure though, but maybe its (the heater) not set high enough and sad as it is, maybe its few & far between that people are coming to Christ and being baptised & the baptismal just isnt being used enough and they keep it at a lower temp and then when someone does decide they want to be baptised its usually a "lets not wait, do it now action" and the baptismal doesnt have time to heat up.

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again thats the church rules,
our church in the winter have water baptism in a heated pool!!

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Maybe the baptismal font doesn't have a very good heater or something.
Or, the people who are in charge of heating the water, didn't turn the hot water on all the way. They try to make it more comfortable for the individual when being baptized. I know in my baptismal font, the water was real warm. I didn't want to get out afterwords. But, I had to once I was done.
Next time when someone gets baptized in your church, tell them to fix the heater so the water can be allot warmer. I don't think freezing to death would be a good thing. I also don't think they did that on purpose to sin.

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