What happens when you use weed and cocaine at the same time?

I was wondering wht hppnd whn you combined those thngs together?

Answer #1

the side affects are different for every person but dont do it dont even do drugs period you should know that there destroying your brain and especially dont mix drugs thats a disatser waiting to happen right there get some help, its not too late to turn your life around you know!

Answer #2

o because some frnds where thinking bout doin it with me weed and cocaine but I don’t want to because you get overdose or something :(

Answer #3

I used to do stuff like that. I don’t know if you’re thinking about doing this or not, but don’t. As far as buzzes go, that was the best for me. You’re high on coke and then when you start to come down… smoke some pot and it eases your coming down experience. I hate that I even know the answer to your question.

Answer #4

“Paranoia, Paranoia, everybody’s coming to get me…” Your heart races and you made yourself stupid enough to think that the names of vegetables are funny.

Answer #5

When you do coke, depending on whether you snort it or shoot it, will make you feel great for a few minutes but then you go into a depression. Maybe some people don’t but a lot do and that’s why they need more. The pot would make the coming down from coke, easier.

The best thing is just don’t do the coke. It’s expensive and addictive. The high doesn’t last and you could die from it because you don’t know if it’s pure coke or if it’s been cut with something. I’m a recovering addict but I used opiates and only used coke a few times. That was way too many.

Answer #6

drugs can make you crazy..so dont…

Answer #7

dont do coke. I’ve seen it ruin so many peooples lives & even kill or come close to death

Answer #8

Seems like you already know the answer to your own question. It is easy to overdose on coke.

Answer #9

lol really so wht really hppnd like you get overdose and a heart attack or something if is urs first time doin it?

Answer #10

a bunch of downers and liars in here.

Kid, if you have never done coke before snort it don’t smoke it. It is only addictive if you are doing a lot of it. I did blow just about every weekend my senior year of college and never felt like a craved it. I definitely used more and more of it but its really habbit forming before you ever are physically addicted to it. Once I graduated I just stopped and was fine. To the person who said they put a gram up their nose the first time they ever did it, you are either full of it or it was HORRIBLE blow. As someone who knows a er uh a little about it, you wouldn’t have even wanted to do that much your first time, you would have been way to busy talking the ear off of the guy to your right about something that happened when you were 12.

As for the high, it will last for a while then you will want to take another bump to keep it going. I don’t like being high when I do cocaine but I do like smoking when I come down from it. Be ready to talk a lot and try not to drink to much. (downers and uppers fucks with your heart)

Just have fun and remember to do this kind of stuff in moderation.

Answer #11

The first time I did coke I snorted about a gram then smoked a couple of joints to try and help me sleep about 8 hrs after the last line…NEVER again, was scary shit…whereas before I smoked I just felt completely exhausted and a bit shaky, after I smoked my heart started going mental racing and going through waves of feeling really tight, I felt dizzy, couldnt stand up and my eyesight kept going dark. I was FREAKING out thinking I was about to have a heart attack. My housemate talked me out of going to the hospital and it passed after about 6 hrs.

I couldnt go near coke for about 8 mths after that, but when I did it again I stayed well clear of the demon weed on the comedown and it was much better. Now I probably have a cheeky coke night about once a month and my heart still races a bit on the comedown but I chill, watch some TV and try not to think and it passes in a few hrs. I dunno why people say weed helps the comedown, for me it shit me up and a lot of my friends agree. I smoke at least a couple of j’s daily, so it cant be that my body’s not used to it.

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