amount of cocaine over that amount of time

I have been living on my own since I was 16 after my mother passed away, and have lived a relatively productive life, though I did begin smoking pot and drinking soon after I was kicked to the curb. I graduated high school, joined the Air Force - got kicked out for underage drinking and simply an inability to adjust to military life. I’ve spent the last couple of years in a drunken stupor. I have found the love of my life and desperately want to begin school March 31st to become an EMT, I currently work as a server, waiter. This requires a back ground check, a DUI only on my record, and a intense drug test. While on a trip two days ago to Cancun, I did a considerable amount of cocaine over the course of a week. I really don’t want to let this ruin my chances of entering this program, and have been trying to work out financial aid and saving money for a year, I am really freaking out. Does anyone know if that amount of cocaine over that amount of time could pose a serious threat, or would a intense three weeks of working out and detoxing be enough? DOES ANYONE KNOW!?!?!

Answer #1

buy a drug test kit from the store and check yourself for coke before you have to go in

Answer #2

You need to get professional answers and help - it’s up to you - if you continue on the road you’re on, it will not be a good outcome - your choice…I wish you the best !!

Answer #3

If you really want to do this EMT thing, it’s time to accept that drinking and drugging are going to keep you on the curb for as long as you do it. Three weeks will probably get the cocaine out of your system…it metabolizes faster than, say pot. However, what makes you think that you won’t be tempted again in that three weeks??

Alcohol and drugs has already interfered with your life in many ways…maybe take a gander at AA or NA…and get your life back?


Answer #4

if your snorting coke you obviously arent too hellbent on getting that job

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