Can you heal a paralysis caused by cocaine use?

my friend is a coke head and over the weekend he did a lot of it and hit a nerve in his face and paralzed half of his face. whats the name of what happened to him, and is there ways for himm to get better?

Answer #1

Does your friend snort or slam? If there’s nerve damage from intravenous use it needs to be checked out. Cocaine use can result in anything from seizures with loc to heart attack or stroke. More commonly you’ll find irreversible heart damage in someone who uses the drug–even with mild use. I’m studying to become a SA counselor and I’ve not heard anything about actual facial paralysis via coke use–keep in mind it’s not impossible (tics and muscle spasms are more common rather than paralysis) with coke use, cerebrovascular accident aka stroke is a very real and serious side effect of the drug because of its ability to cause the blood to clot so your friend needs to get checked by a medical doctor ASAP. Regardless of its cause, facial paralysis needs to be checked and monitored by a physician–just remember, they’re doctors, not cops. Take care and let us know how things go. -S

Answer #2

Your friend should go see a doctor. I am a recovering cocaine addict, and one time I did pinch a nerve in my neck during a binge. I was lucky because the left side of my left pinky finger became numb. It took months for it to go away, and I was taking a nerve drug called Neurontin which I think is the reason it went away.

Basically, I was tensing my muscles so much that evening that I pinched a nerve in my shoulder and neck. I was lucky. Your friend could have some neurological damage. Try to encourage him to go to a doctor and tell all the truth, go to an anonymous clinic if that’s the only way he’ll tell the truth.

Cocaine addiction is a progressive and fatal disease. Hopefully this event will lead your friend into recovery … but there is only so much you can do. Your friend may be powerless over drugs, but you are certainly powerless over what your friends do, as is the case with me, too. I can’t make anyone get sober or seek help, the best I can do is let them know there is an alternative and be there for them when THEY ASK for help.

Good luck.

Answer #3

It is called Bell’s Palsy. I was not able to find a link between using cocaine and it causing this, though. The only connection I could find was if pregnant women use cocaine, their baby could be born with Bell’s Palsy. That was just one of the many problems. Also, the time it takes for recovery from this depends on several factors and sometimes recovery is not 100%. If your friend has partial face paralysis, it is NOT Bell’s Palsy. Tell your friend to stop doing cocaine. Facial paralysis is not the only problem that stems from cocaine abuse. Long term use of this drug will cause his “special muscle” to NOT work EVER AGAIN among many, many other problems.

Answer #4

I’m assuming he was snorting when this happened. Nerve paraylization can be both temporary and permanent when caused by use. It is possible to damage the nerves and have your body heal them in time. It really just depends on how severe the damage is as to whether its permanent or not.

I would highly suggest he see a doctor. Snorting coc.aine causes all kinds of health problems and hes just asking for trouble.

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