Wondering how to pass a drug test using only home remidies

How do I pass a drug test for cocaine with using only home remidies

Answer #1

u dont

Answer #2

is it for pot?\

Answer #3

It takes 3 days to get out of your system, maybe 2 if you down a lot of beer. It is water soluable, so the more water passes out of your body, the more of the drug passes out. And those little douchebags wasting your time by preaching and spouting anti-drug crap they heard at their elementary school need to stick to answering questions about My Little Ponies and crappy emo music where they can be helpful instead of annoying people with real problems.

Answer #4

Are you serious? If you decided to do drugs, then you should have to pay the consequences. Thats your own problem. You got yourself in the situation, pay the price. Maybe you should be more responsible and stop using drugs and you wont need to worry about being in this situation.

Answer #5

if you have to pee you drink a lot of beer and if they want to do a hair test you should bleach and dye your hair to your natural color. in italy people do it all the time … have fun doing cocaine

Answer #6

herbal tea my cousin did cocain and crack and passed a drug test by staying up all night drinking a sh!t load of herbal teas any kind im sure or just drink water looots its a gross feeling but you shud pass then

Answer #7

italianstallon you give the worst advice ever drugs are bad soo to the person asking this get a life and quite getting high

Answer #8

don’t do drugs , don’t do beer , do smoke weed, and go to church .

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