How long does cocaine stay in an unborn babies system

A friend of mine in due at any time now and her boy friend is doing cocaine. Well she asked him for a ciggerette and he lit one then gave it to her she noticed it tasted funny so she asked him if he put something in it and he said yeah but he smoked it all out. So he laced the smoke with cocaine. This happened about 3 days ago.she is so scarred. Also she is afraid to leave him he is an abuser I have tried to help but… So I want to know if she goes into labor will it still be in the baby and for how long.? This was not her doings but she will be the one who is punished.

Answer #1

your friend is dumb! why is she smoking?

Answer #2

As amerae has said she should not have been smoking in the first place! It can lower the oxygen saturation of the baby’s blood and can cause a still birth or brain damage due to lack of oxygen and can also cause carbon monoxide poisoning in the baby! Cocaine can cause the baby to be still born or trigger premature labour or can cause the baby to have a stroke which can cause irreversible brain damage or still birth. The lesser effects are for the baby to have a low-birth weight (although these babies are more likely to die in the first 20weeks of life) or to have a smaller head and brain size proportionate to the babies body also thoose who survive are more likely to have lifelong disabilities like cerebal palsy and visual and hearing imparments. Also both smoking and cocaine use increases the chance of a placental abruption which can be fatal for both mother and baby. Hope this helps and it goes well for her despite all this x

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