How long does cocaine stay in your baby's system?

how long does cocaine stay in your unborn baby system the last time I used was in december and the baby is due march 20th I know it was stupid dumb and selfish of me to do that to my son but I had a hard time in my life. I only used for 3 weekends smoking it in newports.

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Listen to sue90, it may be hard to admit this to your doctor face to face, but it's the most responsible thing you NEED to do. Its the least you can do for your unborn child. You messed up once, don't do it again by not seeking help.

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bunnie69. your DUMB. ccaine stays in your body for 72 hours. doesnt matter how much you take it. and the unborn can get some of the damage because the cocaine circulates the blood system.

How long will cocaine stay in your system?

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Dear grayeyes,
You must see and tell your doctor ASAP. He will start monitoring your baby for any signs of problems. You must talk over with your doctor the about the ramifications of what you did and what you will do if the baby is born with problems. They baby more than likely will not be born with an addiction but there is a higher chance it will be born with a disability. See your doctor now and tell him the truth.
Sue...good luck

How long can cocaine stay in the urine?
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im srry to tell you this buh cocaine stays in you for 7 years and that could be that your babi has it in her/him and it too buh dont feel bad atleast you learned from it hopefulyy

How long does crack cocaine stay in your system?

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U must not care about your baby. Poor thing.

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Well there's not too much you can do about it now. Don't beat yourself up too much, just don't do it again...seriously.

How long does cocaine stay in your system?

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Though I can't say an exact amount of time it takes for it to get out of their system, I have been told by a doctor, if I use in the last 2 months then it will still show and I'll go to prison. My advice to all birthmothers feeling guilt, shame, and/or hopelessness is to LISTEN to Aaron Neville- Everybody Plays the Fool. I was abused since I was a child physically, sexually, mentally, and emotionally. Cocaine didn't cover the pain up or sweep it away, but it numbed it to where I just didn't care. However, the negative consequences WILL become too severe to bear for anyone. Go to an AA/NA/CA meeting and be honest with them. They have only shown to be of help. From Ashley...EX-crack addict/prostitute. Clean since 3 days before the Saints won the superbowl and due 4/28/10. May GOD be with you both.

How long does cocaine stay in an unborn babies system

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