Who on here likes to help people write stuff like stories or songs?

I only ask that question because I’m writing a story called 4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant on another social site funmail me if yu wanna read it…OKAY any who and I’m almost finished with it I have 3 more chapters to go untill I’m done And I was wondering if anybody wanted to be my co-writer for the last 3 chapters PLEASE any one Funmail me for more information like what the story is about, where to go etc. because I dont want to risk this question being deleted if I put to much info. PS. the story is copyright protected if you wanted to know. HELP ME PLEASE SOMEONE!!! funmail me

Answer #1

sry wasnt sure how to send a funmail–im new lol. I dont think I would be much help for your story but you could go to fictionpress.net, they give reviews and ideas. good luck with your story : )

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