Do your songs usually start by writing poetry?

also the question for the title and this… like is it a good strategy to start out with a poem?? and like does a good song usually rhyme or what

please give me the tips for writing a song

Answer #1

Don’t worry about the title if you can’t think of one.

I write a lot of poetry, which is somewhat like songwriting, so I’ll give you a bit of advice. Just write how you feel. Really, just write how you feel to start out.

Answer #2

duuude..different people have different strategies..there is no correct or incorrect way to write a song, whatever comes naturally to you. It may help if you try to relate your song to whats going on in your life(people will also like your song more if they can relate to it too) and about your question about rhyming songs..listen to music more often do you hear rhyming in the type of music you listen to?

Answer #3


Answer #4

um…not really it depends you know… just write what you feel and don’t care much 4 rhyming words …it will come naturaly :)

Answer #5

I meant like my main question htats what I meant by title

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