How can I write poetry that rhymes and people will like to read?

I am starting to get interested in writing poetry that rhymes. I’ve always wanted to start a hobby that is writing rhyming poetry but don’t know how to make it a rhyming poetry and make it interesting at the same time. Could you people give me tips, and help me so I will be able to write poetry and make it interesting so people will read it/want to read it.

Answer #1

Writing anything is a skill that is developed with practice, over time. There are no “tips or tricks” that can magically create a great writer. Just write what you feel, put it away for a month, and look back at your work later to see how you’ve improved … by being able to see for yourself where you once needed improvement, it can help your writing to become better.

Answer #2
  1. Most important tip - choose an interesting and original topic to write about. If you choose a boring topic no one will want to read your poem.
  2. Poetry doesn’t necessarily need to rhyme, but if you want it to rhyme, a good way to do this is to switch the words round slightly. E.g say tonic and gin instead of gin and tonic.
Answer #3

Its all in the mind….i cant guarantee people will like it, as long as you like it…….that is what makes it unique….

Answer #4

writing poetry is like a rap song.

Answer #5

write about whats going on with your life, go with the flow

Answer #6

Go with the flow, write what’s in your mind and try to find words that makes sense together, make sure your poem flows.

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