Who is to blame?

I recently finished a book called slut! growing up with a bad reputation and in the book it talks about how when women are raped and they tell someone they are often not believed or thought to be the cause of the rape. I feel its bs to blame the rapee because when you say no and raped its not there fault at all, but a lot of people disagree. so...when a woman, or man, is raped do you think they were cause and it was partially there fault?

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you can not blame someone for someone elses actions
even if the girl was asking for it by the way she was dressed
how she dressed does not give anyone the right to have sex with her
and shes not responsible for how someone else acts
the person who did the crime is the person who should be blamed for it

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Even if the girl is putting herself out there, she's probably asking for attention. She doesn't want sex, just the "Ooooh~ she's so hot" kinda thing.

Rape = a girl/guy saying no to sex but the rapist proceeds to do it anyways. Therefore, even if they are "asking for it", they still don't want it. So, it's not their fault nor can they completely blame the rapist.

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We debated this in health class this chick was walking around in her underwear and stuff and the man raped her (it was on a movie for our classwork). My teacher said it was her fault, but I think he's just plain.. crazy. Haha. It's no one's but the rapists fault.

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I think it has to be analyzed based on the situation...maybe some girls were *asking for it*, but most were not.

Either way, there's absolutely no good reason to say it's not wrong...no woman deserves to get raped, even if she does happen to be *putting herself out there*.

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No I think it's the person who does the crime is too blame

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