What can I do about bed time for a one year old?

My daughter is about to be one. Do to her houdini skills she just got a toddler bed and a lock on her door. We spent money on three cribs and two pack and plays in the last 3 months trying to get one she could not escape from. we failed. She was taking some pretty bad falls and her doctor said to switch her to a toddler bed for saftey reasons. Its better for her to just get out of bed Then to fall from a couple feet up. She was born 10 pounds even and 27 inches long. She is all leg! Thats how she climbs everything! She can even climb over saftey gates! We have to put one on top of another to keep her out of areas! My Problem is she thinks her bed is for playing on. I have to sit with her for two hours before she stops getting in and out of bed and falls asleep. She does not use a bottle anymore, she has never used a pacifier, and I will not put her to bed with a sippy cup. She has a daily night time bath with lavender before bedtime. Any ideas on how to make her more calm before bedtime or how to relax her when I put her to bed.

Answer #1

Have you tried soothing music? We have a bedtime cd that my son listens too when its bedtime. Also, ive read in tons of parenting magazines that there should be no light in a childs room so they understand the difference between daytime and nighttime. If shes scared of the dark, try a glowworm type toy - their soft enough to cuddle with, their bellys glow a bit, and they play soft soothing music. Ive also heard some moms swear by baby child massages at night with calming scents.

Answer #2

yeah she has her glow worm and gets a baby massage after bed with lavender lotion. Maybe I will try some music and see if that works. Thanks for the advice!

Answer #3

You could try doing whatever you do in the evenings, in her room with her. Like, say for example you watched TV before bed- Get a little lightweight TV and watch it from her bed with her. She will be watching TV with you and get mesmorised and sleepy and will end up falling asleep in her bed. Of course, it doesn’t have to be TV. It could be you reading, sketching, on a laptop… whatever you do. This way she will be falling asleep round about the same time you are usually starting with trying to get her to sleep.

Answer #4

Have you tried rewarding her for staying in bed? Perhaps you could start a chart and give her a star for every night she stays in bed. When she has, say, 5 stars, she gets a reward that has real meaning for her…. a small toy, a trip to the ice cream store, a special video, whatever. You could put a picture of the reward on the door of her room or somewhere near it, so she sees it every time she gets up to leave the room and can think twice about whether she wants to break the rules.

Also, have you ever watched Super Nanny on TV? When the child gets out of bed, you pick them up and put them back in the bed, and say “It’s bedtime.” Then….when the child gets out of the bed again, you pick them up and put them back in the bed saying nothing. Continue to do this, you will most likely be up and down for hours doing this, but finally the child will fall asleep. Then, the next night should be a bit easier….and eventually, the child will learn that bedtime is bedtime, and there is no point in getting back out of bed, because you will just be put right back in it, until you stay there. Show them you won’t give in. To do this method, it’s best not to have the safety gates up (on the bedroom door), so that it will be easier for you to pick her up, and put her back in the bed. So that you won’t have to continuously remove, and replace the gate every time.

Answer #5

Like Renee said you could read or watch tv. Also it helps never to shout or raise your voice. Generally, if you keep calm, they will pick up on that and copy you. Try not to make her laugh or anything exciting before bed. And if you can, it helps to tire them out during the daytime :D

Answer #6

That’s actually an amazing answer! :D I watched supernanny :> (almost pout suppernanny O.O) lol ^-^

Answer #7

Thank you! :) I love Super Nanny! :)

Answer #8

she is so young that she will not understand the reward thing. She is only 11 months old. you gave excellent advice and I would have been able to use it if my child was older.

Answer #9

I don’t agree with children watch tv until they fall asleep. That is lazy on the parents part. I would like my youngest to have a set bedtime like my oldest does. I want her to know that bedtime is bedtime. Not let her zone out on the tv until she passes out.

Answer #10

Your right…but I still believe even if she is only 11 months, the second part of my advice would work. :)

Answer #11

Maybe say you’ll read to her but only if she goes to bed. All kids love treats. Sometimes, you just need to think like a kid, or put yourself in their shoes (sort of hard though for a 1 year old child). All kids will learn when it’s time to settle down and go to sleep. But if you read to the child, then, you’ll make their eyes tired and they’ll fall asleep.

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