what's your favorite weather?

Whats your favorite weather? Like sunny, stormy, thundery, windy,snowy etc.

Answer #1

WINTER…WHEN IT SNOWS HERE IN MISSOURI IT IS WAY MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN SPRING!… I live near this hill with a pond at the top and my brother and I spend hours outside doing just about anything from snow ball fights to rolling down hill, snowmen, ice skating, and crashing sleds in the ditch and getting serious air!

Answer #2

hmmm thats a tough one… I like all wesather but only at certain times=) like ilike the sunshine because you get to go to wild waves boo ya umm w3n its raining I just like to look out the window… when it snows…especially on christmas…I feel all magical ummm yeahhh

Answer #3

I love the sushine and the warm weather always makes me more cheerful. Saying this though, I also love a thunderstorm, especially in the late afternoons. It’s always a good way to freshen up the day. :)

Answer #4

I like thunderstorms, theres something really revitalising about them. And it makes me laugh when my older sister freaks out :) hehe

Answer #5

I love sitting in my dining room, with some candles burning, having the french doors wide open and a comfy chair by them and sitting there just watching the thunder and lightning, even if your not watching it, being snuggled up on the sofa with a movie while it’s rainy and windy blowing outside knowing I’m all warm and snuggly is the best…

however, I love seeing the kids in the pool…or running around with the waterguns…

so for me, poop weather while I’m in the snugly warm under a duvet, but for my kids hot and sunny so they can go outside…

Answer #6

I like it when it’s sunny but,not hot.And a brisk breeze is blowing.

Answer #7

I love all of them for difrent reasons :)

Answer #8

Sunny or Stormy

Answer #9

sunny :)

Answer #10

My favorite type of weather, is cool and sunny. I only can put up with snow so much. I can only put up with the humidity. But, when its in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, I’m fine. Oh, well, I love four seasons.

Answer #11

the best weather for me would have to be nice and sunny but not too hot, and thunder and lightning AT NIGHT! I just turn all the lights off and sit in the window watching god get mighty angry with the sinners. but I cant stand rain, cloud and miserable weather. MAKES ME UNHAPPY :[

Answer #12

I looove cold weather :)

Answer #13

I prefer it sunny because I can’t stand staying at home when it rains:), it feels very lazy:D. I like to sleep when it rains though xD

Answer #14

I love it when the power goes out and its storming but if were going swimming in the pool or somthin I want it sunny!

Answer #15

I like when it is cool and cloudy…because that is when everyone goes to the skate park XD

Answer #16

Rain & Stormy because I think the rain is calming =P

Answer #17

FALL hands down, for some reason it smells so good outside in the fall and all the different colors! I am also big on Hoodies and the fall is the best time for them! And of course Halloween!!

Answer #18

I love sunny weather, I want it to be hott hott hott, all day everyday.

But I also love thunderstorms too, but not the ones with the cold wind.

Answer #19

Sun with not many clouds. I like it when it is not what New Zealanders consider warm, I like hot. Because in warm, its often just sunshine but cold air. So 25 - 28 degrees Celsius, few clouds, no rain hail thunder etc.

Hell maybe I’m just a simple guy.

Answer #20


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