What's the nicest type of car you've ever seen & why?

When I get rich & famous (lol) I’d really like to have a nice car. Not a mercedes or BMW, but something crazy, outrageous, and ultra expensive. On that note, about the only brand of luxury car I know is the rolly royce. However, there must be other kinds that are ultra expensive and exclusive. So what’s the nicest type of luxury car you’ve ever seen (or heard of)?

Answer #1
  1. you will never be rich (or famous at that)
  2. stop dreaming, VERY few people who arent born into rich families ever become rich.
  3. be happy living poor or middle class
Answer #2

as far as luxury cars go the worlds best are of course Rolls-Royce Phantom, Maybach 62, and the Mercedes S-class. but if you want price you have the supercars such as Bugatti Veyron as well as others like Ferrari Enzo, and rare ones like koenigsegg and Spyker

Answer #3

lamborghini diablo. there fast, dang nice, and expensive. mitsubishi spyder eclipse gm- sweet looking, pretty expensive, and fast

Answer #4

btw its custom^^^

Answer #5

Performance-wise 2007 Ford Shelby Cobra GT500, 1969 Chevrolet Camaro, 1968 Dodge Charger, C6, Nissan 350z. I mostly like American Muscle Cars. Japan makes some decent cars, but any riced out one should be driven of a cliff to do the world a favor. The Fast and the Furious destroyed most Japanese cars’ reputation. Why do I think the Shelby Cobra is a nice car is has 5.4L DOHC V8 with a supercharger putting it at 500hp with 480 ibs of torque. I love mustangs since I have a 2007 ford mustang although its not a shelby.

Answer #6

corvett zo6, lambo, ferrari, bently,panoz… to many to name.

Answer #7

ferrari, rolls royce, lamborghini, aston martin v12 vanquish, and porsche (still nice and not near as expensive as the others)

Answer #8

if you ever got rich enough to by one of these that would be crazy 1 pagany zonda r 2 koeniggseg ccxr 3 saleen s7 4 lamborghini reventon 5 Mclaren Lm version 6 lamborgini lp670

Answer #9

I got to see the 08’ ford gt 40 its nuts 0-60 in 3.2 seconds 900-995 hp the company says 0-60 in 3.8sec and 800hp with 800 lbs. ft. of torque but thats wrong they had difficultys so they came up with a conclussion to get as close to the accually thing as possible but nooo they were wrong again it was tested with proper equipment on insane cars and pulled sumwhere around 900-995 hp and lbs. ft. of torque the “og’s” of gt’s werent insanely fast but when they first came out they were ment for racing and they were constantly getting first second and third they have pulled up the game and have a top speed of around 215mph whitch is about 340-350km thats as fast as anyone has evry gone it was also done in one mile therefore the new gt40 is new supercharged V8 engine

Answer #10

Lamborghini they are really nice Love them save up get the best job you don’t have to be famous you can be famous when you buy one because then you will stand out lol. I think the green ones are crazy wow I would love a orange or yellow one

I’m doing acting on Saturdays and there looking for talented people so i might be able to come famous very very soon wooo.

I love the pink Ferrari enzo love it!!!

You could become rich if you were a gangsta lol all gangst’s are rich ost of them lol and everyone will respect you lol

Answer #11

maybachs are nice, corvettes are good, but the best is the 1st generation camaros.

Answer #12

I love modified vehicles. Any cheap vehicle fitted with a lambo vertical doors kit can make it rich looking at a low budget

Answer #13

I love modified vehicles. Any cheap vehicle fitted with a lambo vertical doors kit can make it rich looking at a low budget

Answer #14

I love modified vehicles. Any cheap vehicle fitted with a lambo vertical doors kit can make it rich looking at a low budget

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