When buying a car off craigslist how can you tell if it's stolen?

Is there a website where u can type either the license plate or the vin number?

Answer #1

Get the vin number and call your local police department. Tell them that you are buying a car, and you want to double check to make sure that it is not stolen. They didn’t give me any trouble at all for checking it out and it was free :) hope this helps

Answer #2

over here in teh uk theres numbers we can text with the cars registration and it tells us the whole history of teh car.

are you sure there nothing like this: http://funadvice.com/r/bh72rif59ac :in america.

Answer #3

Cool thanks I think I flagged you by accident, sorry ^_^

Answer #4

Yea, I think I can use that website over here thanks!

Answer #5

lol its okay, im sure collen and Jeremy know its okay!

Answer #6

Using the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), you can do a simple, free online search that will tell you both if the car was reported stolen and unrecovered, and if it was ever declared a salvage vehicle by an insurance company (meaning it was totaled). Go to this site and click the “VINCheck” link:


Carfax and AutoCheck are sites that will do more comprehensive VIN searches, showing the car’s “incident” history and previous odometer settings, but they are not free. You can find good comparative info about them, and links to them, at:


Good luck!

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