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My class was asked this question.. The topic of this blog is “rules of war.” We’ve all heard the saying, “all’s fair in love and war…” but is this true? Should anything go in a time of war? Are there proper rules to follow? Should a nation or person be held accountable if they don’t follow the rules? How should prisoners of war be treated? What are the Geneva Accords and does everyone follow these rules? Is it different in a war on terror as compared to a conventional war like WWII?

I’m interested in hearing others opinons, instead of just my classmates..

Answer #1

So you guts think abandoning the ideals this country was built on is the best way to go, huh?

donein, show me where it excludes them. The bill of rights does not mention the word citizen once. It uses the words people and persons. We already do give due process to non-citizens, legal or not. What we were discussing was not illegal aliens. We were talking about people who were captured in Iraq and Afganistan and are being held indefinately with no due process, including tribunals. What is the big deal with prosecutiong these people in a real court? What are you afraid will happen if they do?

And amo_sc, an attitude like that is a disgrace to your service. I am ashamed to have someone like you defend our constitution and its core ideals… like due process.

Answer #2

Go read the preamble, it says “We the PEOPLE, of the United states”

not “we the muslim terrorists, who want to kill you all.”

I’m not afraid of anything, bring them here and try them if you want to, just make dam sure they don’t escape and blow something important up again while your tax money goes to defend them.

amo_sc, thank you for your service protecting me.

Answer #3

I beg to differ with you, can you please show me where in the Constitution it says we have to give anybody who is not here legally the rights and protection we give our own people?

that’s whats wrong with this country, we care more about what we do to somebody who doesn’t give a dam about us than what we do to our own people. Like I said before they are the ENEMY, not U.S citizens, therefore they do NOT deserve ANY U.S legal system protection. They will get their justice at a military tribunal, I’m so tired of hearing how I’m supposed to be tolerant of the people who want me dead just cause I don’t bow to a false god. Just because I have bra straps doesn’t mean I’m weak enough to let my guard down long enough to be killed in the name of alliah

Answer #4

Donein, You need to learn something about what the constitution really says. It protects all people in this country or its terroitories. We have no rights to hold people without due process, regardless of the status of their citizenship.

This is not politcal correctness. It is called justice. And justice can not be dealt out based on irrational fears. It has to be based on facts and evidence.

Let me ask you one simple question, How do YOU know they are terrorists?

Answer #5

jimahl…you can go ahead and give them due process


I’ll give them a 5.56 round to the head.

Answer #6

It would take me awhile to answer all of your questions but I will say that Terrorist don’t count when it comes to the Geneva Convention.

Why? And how do you know if they are terrorists? Are we to just take their word for it? Timothy McVeigh was a terrorist. Did he not deserve due process either? Did giving him due process adversely affect our national security. What are you so worried about in trying these people. If the evidence of their guilt is so strong, there should be no reason not to give them due process.

Answer #7

It would take me awhile to answer all of your questions but I will say that Terrorist don’t count when it comes to the Geneva Convention. I’m a former Marine and we do what we’re told. The USA is one of the few that even follow “the rules” if you ask me. Then we have all of these stupid politicians trying to charge the ones that protect our great country. It’s BS!

Answer #8

Here’s a news flash, any body they capture has no basic human right as far as their concerned, they don’t give a dam about us, they want us all dead, and yet we are required to treat them like dinner guests. They are NOT an enemy Army, they are insurgents and enemy combatants, the Geneva convention apples to a military, not somebody who wants to blow himself up to get 72 virgins. and a river of honey

Answer #9

Why do you people think we owe them ANY kind of humane treatment in the first place is beyond me.

Becasue it is how we expect of others to treat us. Just because they don’t treat us that way, is no exceuse for us to stop treating them humanely. Our treatment of these SUSPECTED terrorists has only led to the creation of even more terrorists. I will say it again slowly so maybe you can understand it. IF… WE… ACT… LIKE… THEY… DO…, WE… ARE… NO… DIFFERENT… THAN… THEY… ARE!!!

Try reading some of the writings of the founding fathers. Maybe you will start to see the light. George Washington forbade any mistreatment of british soldiers during the revolution, even though the british were brutal and killed many captured soldiers. Washington knew that the country they were trying to create could not maintain the higher moral ground if we behaved like barbarians, the way the british did.

Here is what Washington had to say about torturing prisoners at the battle of trenton:

Treat surrendering prisoners with humanity. Let them have no reason to complain of our copying the brutal example of the British army.

Example, whether it be good or bad, has a powerful influence.

This is how our country started, and how our founding fathers felt about it. Get over your blind hatred, and try to see what is right and just. Vengence will get you no where. It only makes the enemy hate you even more, and puts our own soldiers at greater risk if they are captured.

Answer #10

of course there are rules that are followed, with countries that were present at the Geneva convention that is. there are lots of rules- full metal jacket bullets are to only be used, civilians will not be INTENTIONALLY TARGETED, prisoners should be HUMANELY treated,buildings which are being used to produce war supplies can be attacked, the list goes on and on.

should these rules be in effect? sure they should be. should they be in play against TERRORISTS? hell no, terrorists employ their attacks against civilians, they generally do not have a static country of origin, they hide in civilian dress and blend with the population they follow NO RULES of engagement, they behead and torture innocent people that fit with whatever agenda they have against whatever country- the only rule of war that should be allotted to them is to be HUMANELY SHOT and put down.

should terrorist prisoners be given rights as enemy combatants? hell no again- they wear no uniform, identify with no specific country, they should be treated as the worst of criminals and once again HUMANELY SHOT. no reservations- no question, if you are a terrorist you should be put to death.

Answer #11

So you will be judge, jury, and executioner? So are these SUSPECTED terrorists the only people you will deny due process too? Where does it end.

You are either too young, or to stupid, or both, to understand this very simple concept. Your way would have us constantly having to constantly fight more and more radicals, because your actions would turn the moderates into radicals. In fact we would become the radicals, just killing because we think we are right. Just like them.

We are a country of law & justice and we can not abandon that because the enemy is using tactics we abhor.

Try learning something about history once in a while, instead acting out of fear, hatred and vengeance.

Answer #12

donein, first of all you are assuming that every prisoner we have is guilty. This certainly has not been demonstrated. Several of the folks we already released (after holding them for years incommunicado) were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time or were accused by a political enemy who simply wanted them gone. The only way to prove guilt is with public trials.

Answer #13

donein, here is a news flash. If we torture them, deny them due process, and hold them indefinately, WE ARE NO DIFFERENT THAN THEM!!!

As filetofspam said, we have no idea who is guilt of anything unless there are hearings and trials. Maybe you should try reading the constitution…

Answer #14

No when we don’t treat them inhumanely, for one thing they have no concept of humane treatment, nor do they want give or deserve any, I agree with armyjock, are you going to give a rabid dog a bone? Here’s another one, why should we bother even allowing them to live in the first place? I have a really good idea, make them feel no pain, shoot them in the head, and let their false god sort them out.

Answer #15

The term rules of war does sound like an oxymoron. The idea is that civilized countries should not engage in attrocities while at war. The US signed the geneva convention, and to claim that we can circumvent those rules through a techincality, is a complete contridiction of the why we need the rules in the first place. We cannot and should not be denying basic human and civil rights to anyone, citizen or not. The fact that our enemies engage in attrocitities, is no justification for such behavior from us. If we stoop down to their level, we are no different than them.

Answer #16

as for the Geneva Convention, it should have no affect on how we treat our terrorist prisoners! have you seen even one of the videos that they have of captured soldiers being slaughtered like cattle?!?!? I think we should use whatever method we can to extract information from those bstards!… as for a conventional war? there should be rules about how we treat prisoners, most of the time enemy soldiers don’t even believe in what they are fighting for so why punish someone who was forced into doing something? but on the battlefield when that same person is fighting for their live than you are to do whatever you can to save your own, understand? thats just my opinion on how it should be. and by the way, full metal jackets are less lethal tha other types so what the hll!?!?!

Answer #17

My opinion is the rules of war are NOT being followed by the muslim insurgents, the Geneva convention is not being followed, and the couldn’t care less about how were treated, that’s why I get so mad when somebody talks bad about our troops when the kill an enemy, But then I’m 15 so what I say in this world doesn’t count for S* anyway

Answer #18

No we haven’t lost our morals, were not down to their level, we’re not worse than them or the same as them, they do NOT deserve ANY humane treatment, why do people want to protect the one that want them dead is beyond me, get a friggin grip, they all want you dead because they think some false god told them to.

Answer #19

Why do you people think we owe them ANY kind of humane treatment in the first place is beyond me. We are NOT down on their level, we are NOT as bad as them, we are NOT the same as them, they want us dead because a false god told them to kill us. Like I have said before if you give them any thing, they will use it to try to kill you. they deserve no humane treatment at all, all they deserve is to be buried, alive or dead, makes no difference to me, I hate them as bad as they hate me.

Answer #20

It’s easier to get the other side to surrender if they believe they will be humanely treated. It’s easier to convince a population that you are not evil incarnate like their leaders tell them, if your soldiers do not act like evil incarnate.

That is what the rules of war are about - overcoming the enemy psychologically, which is much less risky and much cheaper than pure force.

Answer #21

donein, hopefully when you grow up you might be able to comprehend this. If we treat them the same way they treat us, WE ARE KNOW DIFFERENT THAN THEM.

I’m so dam tired of people at my school telling me I have to be kind and tolerant of muslims when all I see on the news is how many of them are trying to bomb another airplane today or which one killed how many American soldiers.

Please take your bigotted views elswhere. 99% of all musiims are peace-loving decent people. Just as 99% of all christians are.

I can’t say Merry Christmas,

This is a lie.

but they can worship ramadan all month long and its not supposed to offend me?

Why would it offend you?

My God is bad and theirs is all good and powerful?

There both the same god idiot. They are both the god of abraham. Try to learn something before you sound even more ignorant than you already do.

I never knew what hate was before 91, now I know

Although you seemed to have learned to hate very well…

Answer #22

Thanks. :]

Answer #23

This is what I said..

Rules being placed on war are insanely foolish. I’m confused on how someone would even think that placing rules on what can and can not happen during war, that people would follow. I know for a fact that none of us could even imagine what is happening over there.. None of us know what it’s like. Soldiers are fighting for their country and as it was previously stated, many do not want to be there. People use their instincts when problems arise. These ‘rules’ would be quickly ignored if your life was in danger, which in wartime, it is. Civilians that are killed is something that sometimes can not be stopped. Especially when, no one in war can be or should be trusted. Like it was written in the one article, “They have also used ambulances, women pretending to be sick or pregnant, and even children as carriers of lethal explosives.” If I was over there, I know I would not be trusting any citizen from any of those countries, whether it was a child or a woman. I don’t think that individuals should be held accountable nor should a country itself.No one said war was a beautiful thing. Prisoners of war is another subject, really. People are damaged mentally, not just physically. In some cases, the mental damage is worse than the physical. Even if restrictions were put on how they should be treated, they will be ignored..

Answer #24

armyjock55, you said ‘We have Morals they on the other hand do not.’ But then you say they are not worthy of humane treatment because they lack those morals. When we treat them inhumanely, we have then lost our morals.

Answer #25

For the record people get wrongly accused everyday in out justice system… it happens as far as treating the terroist humanley … any culture that allows their family to be used as human shields I would not consider worthy of such treatment.. do you give a rabid dog a mik bone after you corner it.. no you shoot it / put it down to be humane…

Answer #26

More like if we treat them inhumanly were treating them exactly the same way they treat us. get a clue people they want all non muslims dead. They don’t give us any humane treatment, they don’t care about humane treatment, so why do they deserve it? show them any human compassion at all they see it as weakness and kill you for it in the name of their false god. I’m so dam tired of people at my school telling me I have to be kind and tolerant of muslims when all I see on the news is how many of them are trying to bomb another airplane today or which one killed how many American soldiers. I can’t say Merry Christmas, but they can worship ramadan all month long and its not supposed to offend me? My God is bad and theirs is all good and powerful? I never knew what hate was before 91, now I know

Answer #27

Well from my own experiences regarding the US armed forces code of conduct and Articles of War being impressed upon by the Geniva Convention it like trying to fight a war when your enemy gets to fight with bullets and your stuck with a bag of marbles and a sling shot. There are few forces in the world that streat the ememy as well as we do. I spent years in the service not only fighting against these enemies but also mending their wounds after they attempt an ambush or roadside IED… We have Morals they on the other hand do not.

SSG Hunter, Kevin

Answer #28

The concept of limited war is rather new. In the past the rule was total war where depopulation of one’s enemy was a goal to reduce their ability to fight. The idea of only attacking military targets ignores the fact that civilians directly support the war effort and civilians can easily be converted to soldiers. If you are trying to shoot bombers out of the sky it isn’t much of a stretch to try to destroy the factories that make the planes, the civilians who build them or even the citizens who pay taxes that fund them.

The last time the US was officially at war was WWII when congress declared war. Even in WWII American civilians were spared from the worst terrors of war by the vast oceans. We have a naive view of war. The second Congo war is probably more like the way most wars have been waged throughout history.

The prisoners in our current “war on terror” are neither afforded the rights of prisoners of war nor the rights of civilian criminals. We seem to want it both ways; we want to consider them prisoners of war so they will not have rights of the accused while we don’t want to consider them prisoners of war since that status would afford them certain rights under the Geneva Convention of which we are a signer.

Our government wants the right to indefinitely imprison them without trial or public scrutiny by giving them a new status “enemy combatant” where our government contends that we know they are guilty therefore we don’t need to try them. At the same time we wish for the world to view us as the good guys not those evil people who ignore the rules of limited warfare.

In total war you could say that “all’s fair” but more accurately you should say that there is no expectation of fairness. Anyone who thinks that all’s fair in love probably has never been in love.

Answer #29


donein, here is a news flash. If we torture them, deny them due process, and hold them indefinately, WE ARE NO DIFFERENT THAN THEM!!!

As filetofspam said, we have no idea who is guilt of anything unless there are hearings and trials. Maybe you should try reading the constitution…

I don’t think the Constitution applied to a religion that wants us all dead just cause their god told them to kill us and go to heaven the constitution apply to AMERICANS not terrorists, I dunno maybe I’m a barbarian but it seems to me your one of those antiwar people who think they deserve the same freedom we have, well if they want it bad enough they would have fought for it a long time ago, personally I say we pull all our troops out of there and let them kill each other. Lets see what human rights they have among themselves. Stop trying to be the politically correct person and face reality, the world isn’t a nice place.

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