What is the required diet for building muscle mass?

I am a thin person about 60kg and 5"7 tall. I've been doing lots of work out but it does not seem to work in fact growing thiner and I heard that doing vigourous work out do decrease your height, is that true?

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I'ld say grilling would get rid of most of the fats
And don't forget your red meats and potatoes believe it or not(as long as you keep them away from all that grease anyway)
gobanzo(chick peas) beans are also good
also, DON'T cut out your fruits and veggies, you still need the nutrients and vitamins they provide you with.
make sure you eat soft cheese, the harder the cheese, the more cholesterol
I think you mean make sure you intake of calories aren't going to waste, or something like that
screw counting calories. It's been proven it doesn't' help, so don't worry about it.
To help build leg mussel use squats. To help build back do clings. Upper arms, I'ld say the best is punching while holding at least 5 pound weights in each hand. Make sure your form is good. Practice at least a full minuet at a time.

oh, another thing MANY people overlook when working out
make sure to CHALLANGE your body in order to provide it reason to change.
For instance, weight training, don't pick out something comfortable and that you can easily do. Let's say you're doing 6 reps. You should barley be able to perform the 6th rep with perfect form, the 7th in perfect form should be out of the question.
Again, challenge your body to provide it reason to change.

oh, another thing
DO NOT starve your body.
It does not help build muscle(it will actually hinder your cause) and it ruins the metabolism

Best of luck
hope this helps

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it does decrease your height because your bone mass becomes thicker due to increased weight resistance. ad the proper diet?. simple. make sure everythin is balanced, and by the sound of your body you are a "hard gainer" in lamon terms , fast metabolisum. thats easy to overcome. make sure you eat more calories than you burn. number 2 , proper sleep more than 8 hrs a day. zinc!! lots of zinc like meats exc. carbs such as pastas , my boyfreind is a bodybuilder and he eats tons of pasta. weight gainer shakes are excellent. eat proteins and carbs before and after workouts , and before you sleep proteins such as penuts and milk exc.. slow desolving proteins for when you sleep. my boyfriend also takes creatine , but I wouldnt recommend it if your a beginner. Building muscle is...

30% - workouts
20%- diet
50%- REST

You build muscle in your sleep not the gym... Diet AND SLEEP should be #1 before all else.

now foods..
milk , egg whites , Rice , pasta , cheese , penuts , chicken , tuna , veggies , fruits , Ground beef. also boil all your meats it cuts grease. those are the main foods stick to them. Remember EAT MORE CALORIES THAN YOU WASTE!!! AND SLEEEPPP!!!
use reps and sets such as 5x5 , 4x6 , 8x3 , 6x6 lots of compound excersises!!! swuatt , deadlift , benchpress!!


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