What is the best combination for burning fat and build muscle?

I wanna know that . I regularly run 30 minutes and ride bicycle 15 minutes and do crunches one day. and next day I swim 2 km in the pool. This combination is ok to burn fat efficiently and build muscle?

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exercising...eat health and don't eat junks like candy, any thing with sugar, cheese, oil, and butter

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The best way to burn fat is to do cardio activities such as running, swimming and cycling, this will burn fat and tone muscle. It will also build muscle but not as effectively as weight training. a mixture of the two is the best way. Also hugely important (almost as important as the training itself) is diet, cutting out those fatty foods and getting plenty of natural nutrients from fresh fruit and veg.

Best Fat burn/Cardio?

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low carb high protein diet, combined with cardio (running, swimming cycling) and resistance training (weights and lunges, squats etc)


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