Does anyone know a strict, but yummy 6 meal diet plan for me to build lean muscle?

I way 166 lbs. And am 5'8.I'm looking to get up to 180 by the end of summer.I know I'm supposed to eat 3200 calories a day but don't know what to eat with the amount of carbs, protien and fats. For five meals I have to eat 57g of carbs, 34g of protien and 12g of fat every meal. My post workout meal is supposed to consist of 114g of carbs,68g of protien, and 12 grams of fat still. Can anyone tell me what foods to eat that meet these standards and when to eat them? I take protien powder, creatine, and a pre-workout. Can you add these to the diet plan? Thank you for your time and help. Anything is much appreciated

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Im not quite sure on an entire diet plan but foods containing proteing and good carbs are wonderful for that...especially fish.

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Eat eggs,fish,red beans,red meats,chicken(not chicken with all that crap on it, just chicken!),penuts,milk,wheat stuff like that and because your eating all that proteint you need to work out to turn it into lean hard muscle!!

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eeating is about the toughest thing about training ur body...
Eggs, fish and chicken.. that is all i ever take in now. remember Bread.
No SODA, NO junks food....

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