What does it mean when you stop doing some drugs and start others?

So I quit smoking cannabis and cigarettes but I started to do salvia and I started to pop pills but I pop a pill maybe once a week but I think im going to quit poping to my friends think im stupid they say why did I quit weed and do salvia its more expensive to buy salvia but its legal and they dont look for that in a drug test they mad fun of me when they found out I was poping pills when I only do them on Fridays to pass school time fast but they think ill start to O.D and kill myself I know im not a hero or anything but they treat me like a drugy thats addicted to pills and I can quit anything last year I quit everything for 9 months while one of my friends only quit for two weeks before he relapesed and the other on has been smoking longer than me and has no plan on quiting so im just looking for peoples opinion

Answer #1

What does it mean when you stop doing some drugs and start others?

it means that at least you have the ability to quit drugs so you can have a strong will, you just need to put it completely into practice and quit completely, school may not be that much fun, but once you finish it you’ll realize what you’ll miss

Answer #2

Uhm stopping drugs and starting others doesnt mean you can quit. In fact it means the exact opposite. You’ve simply replaced the drug. That’s it. It just means you’ve got a problem. And will has nothing to do with drug addiction nor does self control. You’ve got a drug problem. Yes, you can stop for 9 months. Addicts can have periods of sobriety. Doesnt mean anything. Look, no amount of anyone telling you that you have a problem is going to get through. You’re going to have 5000 excuses and examples of how you dont. But odds are, if you didnt have a problem, you wouldnt be asking this question. Perhaps you need to go talk to people who know what they’re talking about. Like a counselor?

Answer #3

Gateway Drugs? I dunno, but you need to stop doing that stuff dude.

Answer #4

I thought salvia was a type or sage or mint? the one I no isnt a drug its a cooking herb…

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