Drug test tomorrow Answer ASAP

I smoke so much that you can roll me up and be high for a 3 days striaght…I have Niacin 500mg…just drank 2 quarts of water, popped 1…bout to pop another one…gotta test 2morrow at 8:30 AM…Should I OD starting now? (I know I should have stopped for a min but …I mean stress happens)

Answer #1

drink buddy drink I have pisstest I two days you should answer my question drink water and sweatt as much as you possibly can dont take too much niacin im taking 250mg and im ichin just sweat it out of you and if you really think you’ll fail have your friend of the same gender pee in a condom befor you go and take a needle or something but remember if you do that make sure the condom is not lubed and you have to be sneaky strap the condom to your leg or put it in your underwear so it stays warm sometimes they watch you pee (from behind) so be sneaky

Answer #2

pay someone for their pee and swap it

Answer #3

There isn’t anything that will get you clean for tomorrow…it takes 30 days to not be detected.


Answer #4

if it was a piss test then you could have just drank vinegar but yea I guess nottt… once you get the results, get home scan it and change it up :) good luck

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