Should I try to stop using drugs and alcohol?

Recently my friends and myself have started to get caught up in drugs and a lot of alcohol. My best mate, having common sense decided to quit it all. And move on to something a lot safer, I want to do the same but the temptation is so strong, That its really hard to say no. Should I stay with my best mate and get help? I know a good support group that I used to go to, But im not 100% sure. Please help. asap

Answer #1

Yes, go w/your mate. Get help, and find new friends. You don’t want to be w/people who do drugs & alcohol. And I am sure you would like to live a long time and have a family. Drugs & alcohol are poisonious to your body.

Answer #2

It is YOUR Life - you want to have the best life you can - you know the other leads to a downward spiral which can last a lifetime - make the CHOICE to have a good life for YOU, not me or anyone !!

Answer #3

Dear bemp, Well of course you need to stop and get help…I am going to avoid all the lecture and only tell you that if you continue your looks will deteriorate, you hair will start to dry out and yes fall out, you will get circles under your eyes and start looking unattractive. The health issues you already know…so really how do you want to look in a few years? Sue…good luck

Answer #4

yes definately- get away from it. there really are many different NATURAL HIGHS out there, rock climbing, catching a big fish, skydiving, find something that gives you that adrenaline and dopamine rush, and you can be drug free for as long as you wish. maybe the rest of your life. alternatives are out there, you just gotta be strong enough to get out and find them. good luck

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