Stopping drugs

okay, im sum what into drugs and whenever im sad or down I decide to get high and I want to stop and I try to stop but I cant Any help?!

Answer #1

I love you and I believe in you babe xxx get help xx search the internet ask your fam to help you they will really appreaciate it they will be glad that you have asked them xxx love you loads remeber that xxx

Answer #2

Hey (: basically I can relate to this problem and its quite normal to reside to drugs, you have to ask yourself why you are doing it, for me its the fact I dont like the feeling of bieng “ok” I like to feel high or drunk or absorbed with chemicals , baiscally you should firstly cut down on the amount of weed etc you are taking and see if that helps and then when you feel like you can cope just having a little then stop alotogether hope I helped (:

Answer #3

youre not the only one, a lot of people do it just know all your problems are still gonna be there even after you get high so just try not to depend on it to fix them, cause only you can

Answer #4

I have the same problem. You are self medicating because you don’t like the way your feeling. If you have been doing it for a long time, type of drug, amount you use, be careful with withdrawl and turn to a specialist, otherwise go to an AA or NA meeting. That is what I’m doing now because I simply got tired. You have to go through enough pain to really want to stop.

Answer #5

Well seeing a specialist is the best thing to do. But if you want to quit cold turkey then good luck. It will take really hard dedication.

Answer #6

Go see a professional, like a counselor, they’ll be able to help you best with it.

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