How can I stop my drug addiction?

OK I am gonna admit I am addicted. First it started with ciggs >weed> pills> crack> cocaine> crystal meth. How can I stop myself before it gets any worse? I really want to. I just can’t.

Answer #1

You just have to get yourself away from the people who do it… this will help you a lot… and if nothing else, you have to ask someone for help… like goto drug counseling or something. ITs good to see that you are wanting to quit… i wish you the best of luck


Answer #2

If you really mean it you can do it. The fact that you are on or in a chat room asking the question says it all. When you are really ready to quit find your closest N.A. meeting and they can hook you up with rehabs or alternatives that you can do to help yourself but we can’t do anything until;l you are ready and only you know that. I do not mean to sound cold I am a 20 year cocaine/crack addict and i have said those words myself on many occasions and right now am over 60 days clean but that is only because I live in the coutry and i wrote my truck off or i would be hooting as we speak

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