what do you think of these poems?

I see no reason why you fear me, to hurt you would destroy me. I see not why you avoid me, for only when your with me do we ever see your smile. its as though you understand me but also seems confused by me. your beauty is entrancing, like a rose among weeds. your eyes are bewildering as the jungle your hair, wild and free-flowing as a waterfall your skin makes silk look rough as the sea. you smile lights up the sky, brightest star of all. I wish I understood you, for more than what I saw.

how I wish you knew I love you, so then you’d realize, to be with you is the ultimate prize, but to hear you say you loved me, the ultimate surprise. I hope the what I hear is not empty little lies. are the words you speak irrevocable, and woven into time?

why should I believe you? how CAN I believe you? all I know from you is lies. truth cant be found, no matter how hard one tries. all the truth I know my mind denies. for the few truths you’ve told me cut me down to size. I wish I knew what went on beneath your eyes. there darkness hiding your desires.

you are like fire, and I be the bush. I watch your fierce beauty as you burn me to bits. your words whispered with the harshest of words, and as smoke they rise, unheard. quickly you burn, from heart to mind. and you leave me crippled, my life left behind..

there’s just one think that escapes me. your splendor is before me but why you you refuse to hear me? I say your beautiful, I see you eyes. within me, pain, for I feel your lies. you say you see through me. I wish you’d see into me.

love is like a great thirst. you are unbelievable satisfied when it is quenched, yet when it is not, you feel as though you will die.

here and now, I do honestly say, with great love and compassion, in my heart, to stay the one I truly love, does not yet know it. I love them far beyond words, or wit. if only you knew, how utterly I love you.

the girl I love does not notice me, as I watch her in awe, of her brilliance, her splendor, her incredibility. she thinks my compliments are just like any others.

she does not realize that although I lust, I am also capable of love.

if only you knew. I really do love you.

she does not realize I am empty and incomplete alone. her eyes, a mark of beauty. so easily on could be lost within them, forever searching for a way out.

her hair, dark and long, so entrancing, tranquilly sitting upon her shoulders, yet also wild with beauty. her skin, toned to brilliance, refined and smooth. so easily one could feel it and think even silk is rough.

her voice, sweet yet laced with the unmistakable attitude that makes her who she is.

her beauty does not go unrecognized. men flock to her, yet many last only a week, a fortnight, a month. I envy them, for they have had what I have not. the honor of being with her, the pinnacle of evolution.

sharp, and fast, like a blade she races through my heart, as I see her. I stand there unsure of what to do. she disregards my compliments, and seems unable to believe I truly adore her. even if you don’t realize that what I say is the barest truth.

I love u.

you’ll probably never see this. but I just want you to see that I’m intoxicated by you. I do care, even if you don’t see it.

Answer #1

that is some heavy writing…I especially loved the lines “love is like a great thirst. you are unbelievable satisfied when it is quenched, yet when it is not, you feel as though you will die.”


Answer #2

hahaha thanks. oh and btw sorry for making you read all that. I didnt really notice how much I’d written! lol

Answer #3

You must really love her,There sweet,nice,kind,I love them all, xxx (:

Answer #4

you’re simply amazing…

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