Why--Are Toyota Celica's good vehicles?

I’m looking into buy in 200-2003 Toyota celica Automatic and was wondering if anyone here could tell me if they’ve had good or bad experiences with this vehicle? Thanks.

Answer #1

My parents both have – and love – their Toyota’s. The recall doesn’t effect every vehicle, and the prices are probably very reasonable right now considering all the negative press they’ve had, due to the recalls. I’d go for it if the price is right and that specific model isn’t effected by the recall. Both my parent’s cars (a Camry and a Highlander, both from the early 2000s) work great.

Answer #2

toyota celicca is my number one I drive everyday and is fun to have it. I hope you buy one soon before is to late lol,…or buy a muscle car like mustang 2002

Answer #3

I look at Auto Recalls page before I buy any car:


Answer #4

toyota celica is one of my fun car to drive everyday ,,so buy one and have fun a every day you drive ..

Answer #5

I wouldn’t trust it considering all these recalls theyare getting on all these cars. but everyone has their own opinion.

Answer #6

FWIW Consumer Reports says above average reliability with a chance of major transmission problems (but otherwise excellent). Decent acceleration, excellent handling, so-so ride comfort and noise. Rear seats are horrible. 21/36 mpg.

Recalls only affect some vehicles; check for them but overall Toyotas are on the high end of reliability. On any used car I’d have a mechanic inspect it before buying.

Answer #7

The Celica has a 1.8L 4-cylinder engine. This means it’s very economic, the same engine is found on a Toyota Spyder. Recalls only happened to the newer models, so you should be fine with a Celica considering they don’t even make it anymore.

If you have the chance buy it, but don’t rice it out too much. :D I’ve seen quite a lot that have riced out Celicas and they total the crap out of them.

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