I really wanna help the WWF

how can teenagers like me, 14, help for the world wildlife fundation?

Answer #1

get your school to have a fund raiser and send the money to the wildlife foundation and you can also send pictures of your fundraiser oh and you should check out the PETA street team there is a lot of stuff on there where you can help with so many issues involving animals and you can get street points and get stuff for them its really cool

Answer #2

WWF,,,like when you go shoping next time for clothes-they have shirts and stuff that you can buy & that money gos to helping the cause. & actually I have a couple of the shirts,,,there actually really cute :)

Answer #3

So thats what happened to the WWF, it went from wrestling to wildlife. Well they were not that far off I guess.

Answer #4

umm talk to your friends, and have your friends talk to their friends. put info about that on your blog, myspace, and any other websites (if allowed.) um make a poster or w/e and put info and all the other info about that on it. then ask stores, schools, etc if you can post it around the area (kinda like how you do lostand found papers lol) and post it places where teens hang out(fastfood places, parks,ice rink,etc )umm you can also ask adults or parents to take info about it to work and they can talk to co workers, and the coworkers can pass it on to their people and children. g

Answer #5

I’m sorry, I don’t have a anwer but WAIT! I’m fifteen, and I’d really like to help too. If you find anything out, let me know. THANKS!!

Answer #6

You can find some helpful options on their web page: http://www.worldwildlife.org/species/

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