What can I do to become a vegetarian?

Ok so, im 19 and I have thought about becoming vegetarian. I recently joined PETA and get all this info about animals being abused and whatnot and it sickens me,seeing the pictures and videos. I dont really eat beef like I used to,I dont eat pork but occasionaly I do eat chicken. But it seems like everytime I go to a restaraunt, I get pulled into the temptation of the chicken samwhiches and burgers. I wanna become a vegetarian like I said,but ill go online and look at books and see the foods you can eat and it all just looks so…well…gross! soo…are there any suggestions on what to do?

and also,I dont drink milk anymore beacuse of whats in it. I havent had any for about 8 months,but my boyfriend and everyone keeps telling me that I “NEED” it to grow and keep my bones strong and blah blah blah…is this true?

well thanks for the help guys(:

Answer #1

it’s not like if you become a vegetarian and choose not to eat meat, the animals will come back to life. it would be killed for no reason if you chose not to eat it. Normal humans eat meat, and animals are used for survival by humans. The PETA isnt all good like they say. They tell kids their mommy kills animals (they don’t, the butchers do) go to www.petakillsanimals.com or something like that and you will see they kill more animals than they ‘save’. They feed you with a bunch of bs as well. They say they would rather be dead then eat at KFC. and they would rather be killed by an animal than wear it’s fur. And according to the goverment it’s considered a terrorist orginazation because they make a bunch of threats about blowing up fast food joints and they banks that support them.

Answer #2

I have been a vegitarian for a little over a year. I eat like the average person minus the meat. I dont eat fish either. The temptation is really hard at first but soon the smell and look of meat with start to disgust you, not because of the whole “ remains of an innocent animal” thing, it just seems gross.

Answer #3

Fork over a few extra dollars and have whoever is buying the groceries buy Milk that has no additives, antibiotics and hormones. Buy meat that is free range and treated ethically and dispatched humanely. These cost a little more but you still get the health benefits of both.

Also remember portion size is important. 3oz 2x daily of meat. Thats approx. 1/3-1/4 the size of a steak at a steakhouse 2x daily.

Not trying to tell yyou you are wrong, Just offering another solution.

Answer #4

For good health try a variety of whole grain foods, fruits, veggies, nuts or oil, eggs, a little sunlight w/o sunblock and water. Unfortunately restaurants don’t give too many options, but usually there are a couple. IMO avoid tofu and soy [blech]. Examples of prepared foods include breads, cereals, popcorn, smoothies, salads, stir fries, PB and J, etc.

Milk is mostly U.S. commercialism. In other countries they recommend half as much calcium. Too much depletes related nutrients like vitamin D and maybe zinc, which actually makes your bones weaker. If you’re still worried then sesame seeds are loaded with calcium and zinc (among other things). Try soaking in water overnight (to help digestibility of seeds), rinsing, draining then grinding in a blender or food processor and adding some honey.

Answer #5

~Darling, in my opinion meat is essential to our living (to our healthy living). Our body needs it~

No, it doesn’t - you can get all the vitamins and nutrients you need from other sources.

~You won’t help any animal by becoming a vegetarian~

In America, alone, the average person eats 1/10 of a cow, 1/3 of a pig, 55 chickens, and 1 turkey in only a year. If 10 people become vegetarians, that saves the life of a cow. If 3 become vegetarians, it saves the life of a pig. If only one person becomes a vegetarian, it saves the life of 55 chickens - that’s pretty significant.

~Nowadays almost everything we eat has things in it~

Almost, but not exactly - you can be picky about where and how you purchase your food.

~I’m just trying to say that what are you doing right now is in vain~

Only because of people like you, who, instead of encouraging this person with her values, you try to discredit her actions and tell her she’s wrong.

She didn’t ask for opinion - she asked for advice.

Answer #6

Darling, in my opinion meat is essential to our living (to our healthy living). Our body needs it. Usually I only eat chicken and pork, I won’t even touch others - but I consider them as being an important part of my meal. You won’t help any animal by becoming a vegetarian, you won’t save their life - there will still be 6 billions of people who won’t stop eating meat. Instead of becoming a vegetarian, you should fight for animal rights and for how they are treated in those farms… Maybe if you’d knew that they were treated right and they didn’t suffered before you ate them, you’d be more calm. I’ve seen movies where animalas were being tortured - but I don’t think this happens everywhere. Plus that a bunch of people can’t stop consumerism… It’s completely true that we need calcium for our bones (and not only) and the primary source is the milk. Milk is good… what could it have in it? Nowadays almost everything we eat has “things” in it - preservatives, toxins, different toxic metals (like the aluminium that can be founded in canned foods), pesticides and the list could go on…I’m just trying to say that what are you doing right now is in vain, that’s my point.

Answer #7

Ok I became A Vegetarian when I was four. It was hard, but all you have to do is learn to control temtations. You don’t need milk, just the calcium. Hope it works for you, also don’t eat out so much, THATS hard to do.

Answer #8

You don’t necessarily need ‘milk’, but you do need calcium, so if you’re not getting any dairy, then make sure you’re supplementing it.

Vegetarianism is easiest to do when you encounter it slowly - cut one meat item out at a time, or you’ll feel overwhelmed.

Just remember that for each item you’re removing from your diet, you’re cutting out an important nutrient that you need to get elsewhere.

Answer #9

uhh.. maybe you should train yourself to eat veggies. then you’ll get used to it eventually and become one. (: my advice sucks. sorry. (:

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