Is it true that when people die and God(s) save them from eternal suffering, they get their own personal paradise?


Answer #1

That’s what people want to believe. I’m not sure about getting their own personal personal paradise, but it’s a paradise nevertheless. not everyone get’s to join in it though.

Answer #2

according to this one book I’m reading this guy had an experience in Heaven and one thing he was saying was that in Heaven everybody gets their own mansion/house/apartment depending what people like to live in. It also depends where the person wants their house. It can be by the ocean or wherever. He also said that things that would normally be impossible here on earth are possible in Heaven

Answer #3

i really don’t know but gods does save ppl from sins

Answer #4

Not necessarily. If the person desires to be with other people, there will be a mutual paradise because otherwise it wouldn’t be a paradise. Also, I think that a personal paradise would have God’s interaction with them no matter what (who doesn’t want to talk to God?). I don’t know how personalized it will really get since everyone pretty much wants the same things.

Answer #5

I’m pretty sure they just rot in the ground….

Answer #6

No one knows, since no one has come back to report on it. But most likely not. When we die we probably just cease to exist anymore.

Answer #7

Well no one knows. But im sure the worthy will be rewarded. U reap wat u sow.

Answer #8

actually there have been people who have had experiences with going to Heaven and they have come back and wrote books on it. Try, “The boy who came back from Heaven” by Kevin and Alex Malarkey. The boy, Alex died or something and went to Heaven and saw things. He even describes Jesus as having blue eyes and God with giant angel wings. He also saw what satan looks like and he describes him in detail. He says that he has three heads which all tell lies. His arms and legs are boney. His mouth is funny looking, and he has a green like mold on him. How about the book, “My Time In Heaven” by Richard Sigmund. He goes to Heaven and describes all he sees in detail. Everybody gets their own home whether it be an apartment/mansion/house, depending on what people like to live in. He describes the angels as tall beings with hair no longer than their ears. Some wear pants, some wear shoes etc. There’s a rose garden which is Gods favorite place. He says Jesus has reddish-brown hair. There are universities in Heaven and people go to learn different things, and music is one of them. It’s all taught by the angels. People will also be able to speak the different languages despite never studying them. He also says there are little kids in Heaven. They play games like hide and seek. He says they even climb trees and jump out of them only to float down like cotton balls. The people that were priests here on earth enter Heaven wearing golden robes and a certain type of mansion and they live on a certain street. There are libraries in Heaven and everything in it is made of gold, including the scrolls. Another thing he says is that there are horses in Heaven that are a lot bigger than they are here on earth and they have no fat just muscle. They are all white and some of them have wings. So see there are people who have come back to report it.

Answer #9

Sorry, but I don’t believe any of that. Why didn’t both people see the same thing. I was mostly being facetious. I know people have had their hearts stop, and they think they went to heaven. But there is no evidence they really have.

Answer #10

why didn’t both of them see the same thing? maybe cause God didn’t want them to see the same thing. and here’s another thing. they both noticed something different about Jesus. Alex noticed the eyes while Richard noticed the hair. not everybody is going to notice the same thing with people. some might be fascinated with eyes like Alex and some might be more fascinated by hair color like Richard. Also in Richards book he talked about seeing universities, but Alex never mentions this. maybe the reason for this is, who is going to notice and be more interested in a university an adult or a child? an adult. These people all died during their accidents but somehow they all came back which shouldn’t have been the case. Richards doctor even called the time he ‘died’ so how could they have come back from the dead if it wasn’t by God?

Answer #11

There are plenty of natural explanations for these people being revived. It happens quite often. I see no evidence of anything supernatural. And I would not take anything they supposedly saw as anything but a dream or hallucination.

Answer #12

but then, what if one person wants to be with another, but this one doesn’t want to? how does that work?

Answer #13

Like say a man loves a girl but it is an unrequited love and the girl doesn’t even know about the guy. The guy dies and the girl dies. The guy wants to be with the girl, but the girl didn’t even know about the guy in the first place so she won’t have any desire to be with this guy. would it still be a mutual paradise?

Answer #14

revived without a doctor you mean? ok then what about the people who have died in accidents like theirs? why didn’t they come back to life eight hours later like Alex and Richard? and if these were just ‘dreams’ then how could they both describe the angels the same way?

Answer #15

You are saying these people revived without a doctor? Well who then confirmed they were dead? There are a million natural explanations, and thinking there is a supernatural one is just wishful thinking. I don’t believe these people ever actually died.

Answer #16

the guy was in a one car accident and he died. he was taken to the hospital covered in blood and scars. the doctors tried to revive him, but they couldn’t. he had been dead for 8 hours and they were getting ready to take him to the morgue. the doctors confirmed he was dead. at that point he sat up not hurting anymore

Answer #17

So tell me about this one guy who was in the hospital. Does he happen to be a fundamentalist minster? When did this supposedly happen and when did he write the book. Does he provide any information at all about the hospital, doctors, nurses, who treated him? Is there anything in the book that would enable you to corroborate his claims? The accident happened in 1974, and he didn’t write the book until 2004? If a man suddenly came back from the dead 8 hours after being declared dead, that would have made huge headlines. I looked, I found none. If this really happened, he would have given someway to confirm it. He didn’t. Are we to just take his word for it? If you believe this book, you are very gullible.

Answer #18

he is a minister, yes, but at the time he didn’t want to do what God told him to do. he kept avoiding it and running away. the accident happened in 1974. the book was probably written around 2004 or so. how could he have info on the doctors etc when he was dead way before he was taken to the hospital? headlines? it’s been on tv. same with the story about Alex. it’s been on tv countless times. another little boy went to Heaven and saw his sister that nobody ever told him about. the mother had a miscarriage, and she didn’t know the gender of the baby. the boy saw her in Heaven and when he came back he told everybody his mom miscarried a baby girl and the parents were shocked because he shouldn’t have known that. you can even find the interviews with these people on the computer it’s just a matter of looking. after Richards accident during services he would go up to random people and he was able to tell them what exactly was wrong with them and what they needed prayer for without them saying a word to him about it. and why am i gullible? because i have faith in a life after death? because i don’t believe we just go to sleep after we die?

Answer #19

If a man who is declared dead suddenly “awoke” 8 hours later while being wheeled to the morgue, there would be news accounts of it from the time it happened. The doctors would have been interviewed, and the story would have become famous and well-known. It didn’t become known until AFTER he wrote his book. In fact I could find absolutely nothing about this story other than what is said in the book itself. There is not one report of this happening from that time or any time prior to the book coming out. I don’t think you are gullible because you believe in the afterlife. I think you are because you would believe this type of story without even doing the slightest bit of investigation into it. In a very short time, I found so many wholes in the story, it isn’t funny. You seem like a nice person, but you should not believe something so fantastic without any kind of evidence to support it.

Answer #20

i’m not the type of person that believes just anything. people always tell me i’m naive, but that’s because they don’t know me. truth is i’m very sceptic about things whether i seem that way or not. one things for sure though. i will always believe what the Bible says and i do believe what Alex and Richard said about God, Jesus, the angels etc

Answer #21

You still believe Richard Sigmund’s story even though there is strong evidence he is lying? How do explain the fact that there is not one mention of this miraculous event prior to him writing the book. No record of this event from the time it supposedly happened? There has never been any record of someone being declared clinically dead and coming back to life 8 hours later. If that really happened, people would know about it. Doctors and scientists would have studied the case, and written about it. There would have been news report about it. There have been reports of doctors mistakenly declaring someone dead that wasn’t. But those cases don’t count, since they were never really dead to begin with. You can believe whatever you want, but unless there is actual evidence to back it up, it is only wishful thinking.

Answer #22

when god saves people it isnt just because he feels like it. you have to believe in him and ask him to forgive you for every sin youve done then youll get into paradise and no you dont get your own personal paradise

Answer #23

the reason why the doctors and nurses who treated him didn’t study or look into it afterwards is because they believed it was a miracle from God. He has how they reacted and what they said in his book.

Answer #24

There was a book called “Heaven is for Real”. That one pretty much changed my whole view on afterlife. I beleived in it before reading it but this book just answered a bunch of quiestion.

Answer #25

does the person describe Heaven ane the things he saw?

Answer #26

Luna, there is no way that any doctor would just believe something like that without investigating it. If they did, then they are a bunch of quacks. If his story can not be confirmed independently from sources other than his book, it should not be believed. You have absolutely no evidence this is true other than his book. Do you think it is not possible that he made it up just to sell books?

Answer #27

so a doctor can’t say ‘this must be a miracle from God’ and actually believe it without being a ‘quack’? and what about the other people he prayed for and were healed on the spot? the man who couldn’t eat anything for a long time, but when prayed for was told by Richard to go out and eat a steak and the man thought he was nuts but was actually able to. the woman who went to a service while she was in pain. she barely walked in the door and looked at Richard who was on the stage praying. as soon as she walked in he looked up at her. afterwards without having talked to each other before and without anybody telling him what was wrong with her he told her exactly what was wrong with her and he prayed for her and she was instantly healed. When Richard was put back in his body he heard someone say ‘it’s about time to take him to the morgue’. Having heard this he sat up and said ‘I ain’t dead yet’. well obviously the nurses freaked out and started screaming and the doctors were called in and he explained it to them. they started crying and that’s when one said ‘this must be a miracle of God’. sometimes all it takes is a little faith. God gives us every waking chance to accept His Son into our lives. Even on our death beds. God is patient, God is kind, and God is love. if He didn’t love us He wouldn’t have sent Jesus to die on the cross for us, but He did. He did it out of love.

Answer #28

“so a doctor can’t say ‘this must be a miracle from God’ and actually believe it without being a ‘quack’? “ He would be a quack for not fully investigating it and documenting it. Think about this. A man you had declared dead 8 hours prior suddenly comes back to life. This is not something where one would say, “oh wow, it is a miracle”, and then just let the guy walk out of the hospital. People would be studying him. It would be documented. You are not understanding what an event like that would be like. There would be news stories about it from the time it happened. Can you even tell me the hospital and the doctor’s name where this occurred? I don’t care what you believe. But don’t come on here making claims about a guy dying and coming back to life 8 hours later without any evidence other than a book written by the same guy 30 years after it supposedly happened. And all of your dogma is unnecessary. I have heard it all before. I used to be a believer. Faith has nothing to do with believing or not believing a liar, and this guy is absolutely a liar. If he wasn’t a liar he would have given some corroborating evidence. He didn’t. P.T. Barnum would have loved this guy…

Answer #29

if you did use to be a believer then you should remember the part where a person does need to have faith in God in order for things to happen

Answer #30

I understand about the dogma. It is meaningless to me. The point I was making was that faith has nothing to do with a doctor’s and a hospital’s responsibility in reporting and documenting such an incredible event. Any group of doctors or a hospital would never let an event like this happen without documenting it. Since it was not documented, the only logical explanation is it never happened. To believe otherwise is silly and naive. Again, believe what you want, but there are people out there who pretend to be devout, but are really just out there to make money. This guy is one of them.

Answer #31

What the Bible teaches is that when a person dies his thoughts perish(so they just die) psalms 146:4. However when Christ returns He will raise everyone from death. Some to hell and some to heaven. We alll have to face death and ultimatley judgment. But the good news is that God has provided a way for us to Go to heaven, but you have to read teh Bible to find out how. But aks God to help you understand it befor you start reading it.

Answer #32

What the Bible teaches is that when a person dies his thoughts perish(so they just die) psalms 146:4. However when Christ returns He will raise everyone from death. Some to hell and some to heaven. We alll have to face death and ultimatley judgment. But the good news is that God has provided a way for us to Go to heaven, but you have to read teh Bible to find out how. But aks God to help you understand it befor you start reading it.

Answer #33

By the way Jan micheal… No one will be in eternal suffering… The Bible does not teach that. It says that the wicked will be ashes under our feet Malachi 4:3 if they turn to ashes its fair to say that they burn until they stop. they wont be burning forever.

Answer #34

well everybody has their own opinion

Answer #35

Yes everybody has an opinion. But, there are informed opinions, and there are uninformed opinions. One thing that is not an opinion is that there has never once been a reported case of a doctor declaring a person dead who then suddenly comes back to life 8 hours later, other than what this guy wrote in his book. That is a fact, not an opinion.

Answer #36

he died. that’s a fact

Answer #37

No it isn’t. It is a claim that has not been verified. Have you verified it? If so, how?

Answer #38

well if anybody would know what happened it would be God, Richard, and the docs

Answer #39

Well we don’t know if god exists, we know that Richard is probably lying, and we don’t even know who the docs are. So it is really just a lot of non-facts, and a whole bunch of hooey. It seems you are a fairly devout believer, but you really need to understand that there are people out there who will take advantage of your belief and make up nonsense in order get you to buy books. This guy is one of them….

Answer #40

of course God exists, and no Richard is not one of those people.

Answer #41

You believe god exists. No one KNOWS for sure. There is a difference. And if Richard isn’t one of them, why did he provide no information to be able to confirm his story? Where are the news stories about this miraculous resurrection that supposedly happened in a hospital? When you can tell me these things, then I might believe he isn’t one of those people.

Answer #42

like I said only God, Richard, and the docs know what happened. and what about the story of Jericho. The Bible says God told Joshua to lead the Israelites around the city for seven days and to blow their trumpets, and set it on fire. In the 1950s an archaeologist found remains of the wall that she concluded used to be Jericho. There was also evidence that there was also a fire. How about Noahs ark? archaeologists found the ark on Mt. Ararat in Turkey. How can the Bible be false when so much evidence has been found that proves these things happened just as the Bible says?

Answer #43

Richard knows what happened, but we have no way of knowing if he is telling the truth since he has no provided on shred of evidence. Gods are unknown and unproven. We have no idea what the docs know because we only have Richard’s word for what the docs said. Or have you personally spoken to the doctors? The bible does somewhat accurately depict some historical events. But it in no way means that the entire bible is true. And some evangelicals THINK they found Noah’s ark. Too bad no real scientists agree. There is absolutely no evidence showing the world was completely flooded 4000 years ago. Do you just accept everything you hear about the bible without ever investigating it? If some fundamentalist makes a claim, you just jump and that bandwagon. And I bet you think evolution isn’t real, right?

Answer #44

of course scientists aren’t going to agree it’s their job to disagree, and no i don’t believe everything i hear. evolution? no. if people supposedly came from monkeys than what about the monkeys today? why haven’t they changed into humans? i asked my bio teacher the same question and the best answer he could come up with is the monkeys split into two groups and isolated themselves from each other then they suddenly started changing their appearance. Here people believe that, but what proof do they have that monkeys formed into people? has anybody actually seen a monkey turn into man? and you say ‘The bible does somewhat accurately depict some historical events.’ ok if that’s the case then why can’t the rest of it be true? here people say the Bible is nothing but a fairytale book, but what proof do they have that none of it actually happened? these archaeologists are finding all kinds of things from the Bible and yet people still try to prove none of it happened. it’s like those people claiming the holocaust never happened, but yet there have been pictures, diaries, and survivors to prove otherwise.

Answer #45

Agghhhh!!! Another one of those!! If you want to understand how evolution works, read about it. Because based on what you are saying, you know absolutely nothing about it. Humans did not evolve from monkeys. We both, as well as all primates, evolved from a common ancestor. And we didn’t “form” into humans, we evolved over millions of years. We know this happened, it is not a guess. And through fossil records we have seen it happen. It is a fact, regardless of how much you want to deny it. The only ones who really deny it are religious fanatics. Most christians actually accept the fact that evolution is a real natural phenomena. The largest christian church in the world accepts it. As far as the bible, there has been far things dis-proven than have been proven. Things that have been disproved: Creation in only 6 days, creation occurring 6000 years ago, the great flood, Adam and Eve, slavery in Egypt, there was no exodus… The list goes on and on. In fact there is very little in bible that is actually historically accurate. But there are a few things. For the holocaust, there is an enormous amount of independent evidence, from many sources. For the bible, there is nothing outside of the bible, which is just an ancient text written by superstitious men. It is a mythology no different that zeus, odin, or quetzalcoatl. You need to learn what is evidence, and what is not. You only cherry pick scientific facts when it fits your preconceived notions, and ignore anything that doesn’t. You disregard information from people who have studied these things for their entire lives, yet you refuse to learn one thing about what they are saying. Do you really think anyone will take you seriously?

Answer #46

No. When we die we sleep. His promise to us is that if we believe in His Son, we will get Eternal life with Him when we will be resurrected for judgement. If you want answers you have to seek seek seek…He will show you the Truth. To many opinions of different people can confuse you.

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