People not believing in god..

Why dont a lot of people believe in god?? yea ok yea none of us can prove that god is real or the bible but we still have faith dont we?? they believe its just a book some person made because too many people were asking if god was real…and thats why and how the bible was craeted…that is a bunch of bull crap. And this big bang theory about some explosion that created us all…yea right please.

If there was no god then why do people have prove that they saw there self of angels saving them and such?? why is that if god’s not real?? Its plain and simple he is real… And since no one really knows if there really is a god then if god is real im glad that I followed him, if not oh well it was a risk I had to take…what are your veiws of this non-believing in gor thing???

Answer #1

hello im sam live in uk 43 been buddhist 20 years before that was anarchist punk rocker well here goes .britain has many stone circles mostly 2500 years old some 3000 years old then the romans came they stayed 400 years in that time rome became christian ,there was editing of the bible during this time to make it more apeling to the romans and converts .the romans left britain ,straightaway the saxons came they sread very quckly through england ,they two became christian ,then in 600 the viking started to come by 850 most vicking become christian too .the anciant hebrew word for god is jehova and the more anciant name for jehova is yahweh who was a god of thunder ,our days of week are named after pagan god wensday is odins day or wodinday thursday odins son thor the norse god of thunder friday is frieas day thors wife tuesday is tuie odins wife etc so even the ancient hebrews were pagan untill they made ther god all big and large ,3000 years ago the buddha reached enlightenment he died aged 82 having spent his life trying to teach people they are all buddhas we have buddhahood inside our lives we can become buddha ok dont belive me please look up sgi usa web ste or .thanks for reading best whishes and have fun thats why we are here

Answer #2

ok so the big bang theory doesnt say ‘once upon a time there was a big explosion and then we all magically appeared.’ it says the big bang it the catalyst that set in motion a chain of evolution and adaptations in organisms. These experiences with angels that you refer to can be explained because when something happens like a near death experience or anything else a certain part of the brain reacts which has been proven to produce hallucinations. I’m a psychology student and study the human brain and its hard to put this all in terms you can understand. There are many chemicals in the brain that can make you see things, hear things, feel things, taste things or smell things. when you said ‘its plain and simple… He is real’ you were wrong. Nothing about God is plain or simple. God may exist. God may not. Who knows for sure. Respect other peoples’ faith the way you want them to respect yours.

Answer #3

“First of all the fact that you wont consider the bible at all shows how ignorant you realy are arachnid. “

Please refrain from Ad Homenims. If you can’t make your argument without insulting the other party, don’t make it at all.

Further, I do ‘consider’ the bible - it’s a work of historical fiction. Tell me why I should consider it to be true? And why I should consider all the other holy books to be untrue? “Because it is” is not a very convincing argument.

I won’t even bother addressing the “why god allows pain” argument - when you have infinite latitude to make up reasons why you think your god permits suffering, and there’s no proving you wrong, the argument is pointless.

Your list of reasons people don’t believe in god is rather myopic. The main reason people don’t believe in god (any of them) is because they see no reason one should exist in the first place. I could take that same list and present it to you as “reasons people don’t believe in Zeus”, and it would be just as valid. What makes your god so unique?

Answer #4

there is no “ god” as defined by organized religion, most of “the following of christ” and the bible was stolen (borrowed ) from the pagans, but that being said- believe in whatever you think to be right. there are certain things that are indisputable- the bible being a conglomeration of the beliefs of the time in which it was written is one of them. look at the hieroglyphs of ancient Egypt- most of their gods had wings ( angels???) it all becomes quite clear when you study “all” of the worlds religions, and you can see the progression and birth of many of the “ organized “ religions and the pagan beliefs that inspired them. it has always seemed rather odd to me how the “truth” was confined to a rather small geographic area in the beginning,and then spread as people migrated around Europe, if it truly was the truth- wouldn’t everyone on the planet have been notified by this “god” and given a copy of the bible? if you look at history with an open mind you will see that this wasn’t the case at all, we had “civilization’s” here in the Americas long before christs birth, and what were their beliefs? paganism , nature, and ancestor worship- ironically the very “evils “ that the organized religions are against- truly hypocritical if you ask me. King Solomon was a practitioner of WITCHCRAFT, and it is said that through such witchcraft- he built the temple mount “ the holy of holies” but that part of the bible has been overlooked in favor of more traditional “organized beliefs” ( google the lesser key of Solomon), translated- organized religion is a play for POWER, and that power comes from followers of blind faith and their MONEY, most organized religions teach to be humble and not to covet worldly posessions, and that money is the root of all evils, and yet most organized religions are some of the richest organizations in the world, $$$ is the true name of this “god” but believe as you will, that is your choice and your right as a human being- if believing in a singular “ god” is what keeps you warm at night, and keeps you being “good” than that is great.

blessed be

Answer #5

the bible says that God is seperate of His creations. This is one of the things I dont agree with as well as God created the earth for us to rule. that we are seperate of the earth and not apart of it

Answer #6

First of all the fact that you wont consider the bible at all shows how ignorant you realy are arachnid.

God allows pain and misfortune for 4 reason that I’ve found IN THE BIBLE.

  1. punishment
  2. To bring people back to their path
  3. to bring people closer to him
  4. To allow others to fufil their destiney

People dont believi in God cause.

  1. its not convenent for them
  2. they been taught not to
  3. they think to accept God you have to be christian
  4. they have had bad experience with curch. 5 . THEY DONT UNDERSTAND HIM so they blame Him for all the bad If you blame God for all the bad then humans cant be blamed for things that they can control. You think this life is the pentacle of our experiance? when people die they arnt just dead. they go on.
Answer #7

“If you consider its Historical evidence then I dont understand why, when we are talking about Christain God, you dont consider it. its considered the for most knowledge of God.”

I said I consider it a historical novel. There’s no reason to suppose it’s accurate - unless you already believe in the christian god - and arguments that require you to believe to find them convincing aren’t very useful. Why should I believe that the contents of a particular (very old) book are absolutely accurate?

What makes you believe the christian bible instead of, say, the Torah, or the Qu’ran? They all have the same degree of evidence for their accuracy as your holy book.

Answer #8

everyone takes things in differently. im christian. but rilly, im not much of a strong believer at all. I dont attend church all the time. my dad wants me 2 use god everyday in my life, pray, and listen closely 2 the preach. and then sometimes he even quizzes me.

but I mean, I believe him, but just not trully. so basically people have their own beliefs, and different levels.

and what you said about big bag theory. some people like to live by a life where things are proven. it is an excellent and logical theory, one that toook time 2 create. so dont say yea right or wtvr because apparently you dont like it when people downgrade and try 2 disprove your gawd, the one that you have faith in.

believers tend 2 maybe c what they want 2. have you noticed that non believers of gawd never c these angels? maybe their saved by something else. maybe the mind wants 2 believe that god and angels save them so it creates images that may be false.

so I think you shud keep your mind a bit more open and maybe consider that everyones different. your way and beliefs arent the way that everyone shud follow

Answer #9

I dont think believing in god is dishonsest some of the most honest people in the world are great happy christians ,in buddhism we belive that life itself is eternal the cosmos is eternal if a big bang thing happend its like going to happen again and again and again its the LAW it science its fact of matter materiel ,ok I get it all the time from people who belive in god jews muslims christians ,who created the universe us etc this LORRY it must have a creator ok so were did this god thing come from then WHO created god ,were does he hang out on his day off .come on we cant help it we have to question life we are human we ask questions some think its a creator called god or some like us buddhists belive life is eternal life creates the enviroment …nam myo ho renge kyo … bye bye

Answer #10

I dont belive in god I think getting up for mass or whatever is dumbest thing ever until I see “god” I will not belive in him and it pisses my off when people try saying there god

Answer #11

I don’t belive in god. And I’m allowed to not belive it God. The bible is just a story, written a VERY long time after the supposed ‘death of Christ’. The church is a conformist machine, and Religion is, as Carl marx said, an opiate of ther masses.

Answer #12

If there was no god then why do people have prove that they saw there self of angels saving them and such??

…proof? Oh, do tell…

Answer #13

Unless you’re going to actually answer my (very simple) questions, I don’t see any point in continuing to argue with you.

Answer #14

we obvoulsly cant find the answers by our selfs we need faith and torerance or others faiths

Answer #15

Well, which one should I not disregard? What about where they’re mutually contradictory? What about where they contradict each other? What about where they contradict reality?

Assuming for a moment I don’t believe any of these religions, why should I expect these books to be in any way accurate in the first place?

Answer #16

I Always tell people you don’t believe in God , he believe’s in you, we are all a part of God, all creation is a part of God.

Answer #17

Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, 2 peter 3:3

Answer #18

there is no gods,but there is one god! some people use to say there is no prove of god,the simple question if there is no allah then how you are being here?

Answer #19

doctors already have the cure for cancer but they get paid to find it so they just haven’t told anyone that they found it…so they are killing people and “god” just sits around and lets them…some wonderful “god” he is.

Answer #20

I am a totally different religion that I doubt any of you guys know. I dont believe that much in it. I have my own beliefs about what happens after we die. but I still like my religion, because there are a lot of persians there, but besides that who cares what peoples beliefs are.

Answer #21

You can’t say there is no god because there was a holacost. That was the work of HUMANS. People have free will so there will always be problems in the world. But think of all the beauty there is in the world along with the bad. The world has to have good AND evil to balance it out. Without the bad we wouldn’t know what good was.

Answer #22

also I kinda agree with dreamy chick. gawd sometimes doesnt save us all. if he wanted us 2 believe, he wud save us. maybe the idea that he will come when its necessary doesnt appeal 2 everyone. maybe they just want 2 live realistically

Answer #23

if there is a god and he is supossed to be loving why are there starving people in countries…why was there a holocaust…there aint no “god” face it

Answer #24

well first of all you can makeyour mind create anything that you think is real. So the whole angel thing..peoples mind can create that image. and anyways there are many gods which one you talking about?

Answer #25

the bible has survived the test of time. If you consider its Historical evidence then I dont understand why, when we are talking about Christain God, you dont consider it. its considered the for most knowledge of God. When you throu it out you close your mind to the idea. God is onnipant. We cant comprened His ways. What makes you think your smart enough to fiuger it out? the BIBLE tells us why he allows pain. It tells us all these questions we have yet everybody scoffs at it. I dont get it. Im sure there are several more reasons why people dont belivie in God.

Answer #26

Don’t get me wrong I truly hope with all my heart that there is a god. Don’t listen to a thing wil4life says because the bible also says god gave us free will. This means he does not force you to live your life a certain way. I know many people who have had wonderful lives and don’t believe in god. Its just your choice how you want to look at things. Just don’t jump to conclusions without educating yourself about the facts. God isn’t the only option.

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Answer #28

The bible has survived the test of time? What are you talking about? So have hindu and muslim and buddhist texts, what makes your texts right and the others wrong?

As for why dont people believe in God…

I suppose because there is no proof. Except books written by people who have no proof… If we were to base proof on a book, then maybe Harry Potter really does exist…

Answer #29

Let me ask you the reverse: Why do you believe in god, when you recognise that there’s no evidence for one? More importantly, why do you believe in your specific god, when there’s equal amounts of evidence for any of the gods that people have worshipped over the ages? Why the Christian god (which I presume is what you believe in), rather than the god of Islam, or Judaism, or the Hindu gods, or the greek pantheon?

The trouble is, once you assume there’s a god despite the lack of evidence, there’s absolutely no reason to suppose it’s your god rather than someone else’s - unless you rely on holy writings etc, which only have meaning if you already believe them.

Answer #30

I’m not saying it’s ok for all those people to die. I don’t believe that at all, but there may be a higher purpose for them. MAybe someeone has to die for someone else to realize there purpose in life. So because someone died of like cancer, maybe someone else will cure it because that specific person died. It all goes back to a higher reason than we can understand. I think we should just leave it at everyone has there own beliefs and there is no swaying them from it.

Answer #31

and lets see who could have prevented all those deaths…hmmm…your so called god…so countless children should die of starvation…and people should continue with genocide…listen to yourself your oking the death of millions by saying the we need evil…and anyways explain why paganism and wicca was before christianity and christianity has similaries to paganism and wicca

Answer #32

Yeah I think people are just scared, or…they think they dont have the time to sit down and think it out. To think about…what he is and what he does, and what he is capable of. I think it also has to do with, how they look. Like if, their friends dont believe then they decide they wont either. Its really stupid actually. But…everyones different. Those non-believers will find out in the end.

Answer #33

I think certain people don’t believe in god because they’ve had tough lives and feel that god has abandoned them. I have a friend like that. It dosn’t matter what you say or how much you fight they believe what they believe. We can’t make them feel how we do. It will just cause arguments. As long as you believe, that’s going to have to be good enough because people are going to be difiant just because they can.

Answer #34

when god made this world he knew its future and he made us choose between good and evil… god knew those people were going to die before he made this world… his job is to save people in the heart not from death

Answer #35

the bible is just a close minded explanation of existance… think on a larger scale people!

Answer #36

I did answer it you just dont want to accept my answer we are done here

Answer #37


Answer #38


Answer #39

I belive they all have something to offer wohever I find the bible more beliviable. I dont belivie every word of it, obously im wiccan, but its messang and answers are there for our use. as I said before when talking about the christian God how can you disregaurd the biggest answer and sorce of knowledge about it?

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