Who's tired of the cold rainy weather and is ready for the sun?

Answer #1

I AM!!!! :D

Answer #2

I’m ready for sun and 90 degree weather :-)

Answer #3

Definately ready for all the lovely sports the summer holds and swimming after I get all sweaty :)

Answer #4

I AM! sadly i live in a place that rarely gets sunny and rains even in summer

Answer #5

ME! I’m so sick of it. I want nice misty to light rain in April, the kind I remember when I was like 6 when it was 73-78 degrees out with the misty rain and everything was lush. :D Or without the rain too, of course. I’m tired of all the dead plants, the cold weather.. I wish Spring could stay longer. I don’t really like summer though because it gets too hot down here. D:

Answer #6

I wish it was even rainy… At least that would melt all the snow>.<

Answer #7

Not me, I rather have winter over the ichy feeling of humidity, smelly sweaty people & people getting stuck to you in public places. When you live in a country that had 9 months of that hot burning sun…ugh some snow would be much appreciated esp when you hv grown up in NYC.

I hate the damn heat…give me winter, but not Canadian winters(no offense, but i was there in freaken July or August & froze my a$$ off when we visited Niagara Falls in the evening or going for breakfast…needed to get me some turtle necks man it was freezing.) 50 degrees fahrenheit is perfect…cold but not mind freezing cold. I hate when it gets so cold your forehead gets that sting…oh my god…:P

Answer #8

It’s SUPER SUNNY here in CA!

Answer #9

Lucky… :P

Answer #10

hehe ::D

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