Does anyone have tips on skateboarding?

im a begginner if it is not obvious enough. :)

Answer #1

Seeing as I just failed on a huge ramp the other day and fell 10m onto my wrist, I’d say wear wrist guards while learning. I’m not going to tell you to wear knee pads and elbow pads and a helmet because well, you’d just look like a right loser. Haha. But I’d definitely say wear wrist guards. Umm, skate in skate shoes- never jandals or shoes with bottoms that you can’t turn on the tape. My biggest piece of advice is just to go for it, don’t be scared. Obviously don’t jump onto a ramp with no experience, but it’s getting out there and doing it that will make you more confident. When trying tricks etc, start on the grass where you can land without the board slipping out from underneath you, and if you do fall, it’s just grass. Make sure you have the right wheels for the ground you are skating on. Try beginning in jeans so that if you come off, you’ll rip the jeans before you rip your knew open haha. Just get some old jeans or buy some cheap ones. You WILL fall, you WILL hurt yourself, you WILL look like a loser at the beginning, but it’s so worth it because skating is awesome.

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thanks a heap! where can i buy wrist guards? i was meaning to buy them previously but just dont know where. and anything else got to do with how to stand on the board and stuff? i know about the goofy and normal thing but thats about it.

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You can buy them pretty much anywhere, sports shops, skating shops and you can probably buy them at walmart (although I’ve never been to a walmart lol). Just stand how you feel comfortable, most people push with their front foot, but I push with my back foot. Neither is right or wrong, it’s just more common to push with your back foot. Goofy is right foot forward, natural is left foot forward. I’m goofy, natural is what most people are lol. If you are an absolute beginner, you should try just getting used to balancing on the board, maybe in your house on carpet, or on grass. Somewhere that holds the board relatively still. Carpet is good to learn on. Try giving a little push, keeping balanced. It’s awkward at first but you’ll get the hang of it. You could try looking on youtube, there are heaps of great introduction skating tutorials, then once you progress, there are tricks tutorials too. Best of luck!

Answer #5

Just read that you are a basketballer- definitely buy wrist guards. You wouldn’t want to hurt your wrists.

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ahhaha :) im from aus, so we dont have wallmart. just one last question, where did you buy your wrist guards?

Answer #7

Try online like CCS or Dans Comp. That is where I get all my bmx gear. You can always search amazon too

Answer #8

okay thankyou.xx

Answer #9

Oh you’re from Australia? I’m from New Zealand lol. Sorry I didn’t check where you were from. Most malls will have a sports shop. Just try looking around and asking around.

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