Does anyone know skateboarding tricks?

Can you tell me some tricks so I can learn them? I also need skateboarding friends!

Answer #1

An ollie, Casper,Hill FLip, Kick FLip try those first Fun Mail me sometime I will give you steps to do it..ANd ill do a video for you teaching you how to.

Answer #2

Well without knowing how much you know already, I would be kind of hard to suggest tricks to learn, so, I’ll just assume that you don’t know anything and build up from there.

Obviously your going to need to learn the basics of riding, controlling and stopping on a Sk8board. You can read about some of the basics here:

One you’ve got that down, the first trick you need to learn is the ollie. Most of your flatland (street) tricks are going to build off of a simple ollie or an ollie done by pressing down on the nose of the board called a nollie. You read all about the basics of an ollie here:

and learn how to do one from Tony Hawk himself here:

Next would be the nollie. Again, you can read about it here:

and watch it here:

After that, you can start to add kickflips, turns, grabs, and slides to your ollies and nollie to learn more advanced tricks.

If you master these basics or already know them, try searching Google or You tube for “How to” + kickflip or some other trick to quickly access tips and guides to those tricks.

Good Luck and always remember to at least wear a helmet. The pros do and not wearing one can really mess up your head if you slam hard.


Answer #3

tony hawks trick tips volume 1 and 2 are the videos that could help but you need to have general skating down pretty well and also ollieing. make sure youve got your ollie down pretty well before you try learning tricks

Answer #4

well the last person explained it pretty good. go to youtube and type in how to ollie. there isa a good vid by tony hawk. one you get your ollie down atleast 3 inches you can start from there. try using a mirror to see your self lift off the ground. it helped me. and practicing on the grass never hurts. haha when you fall it dosnt hurt as much.

Answer #5

I sk8 lets be friends

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