Anyone here play soccer and have some tips?

Does anyone play soccer and have some tips for someone that has never played before and is trying out? I know some stuff..I want to be on too short to b golie lol (I cant spell sorry lol)

Answer #1

umm ya I play soccer and have been playing for 12 years and im 14… go in your backyard and start jugleing.. also get a friend and start working on your first and second touch… kick the ball really high up in the air and trap it with your foot… also learn how to jockii a person when they are coming at you with the ball… also NEVER DIVE IN!!! call for the ball a lot.. if your going to be an outside defender try to play up the field a lot thats what I do… Start passing long balls,,, and pass acreate!! and with persistence.

start doing all this at least an hour a day!! in a week or two you will have improved a lot

hope this helps

fun mail me if you have any more questions about soccer..

Answer #2

practice practice practice, also a lot of great goalies are short, being tall is kind of a disadvantage, because you cant get on the ground quick enough. defense is my position also, so some tips for defense, is make sure you call the ball, and spread out, otherwise it defeats the purpose of “defense”. also be like a roadblock, think nothing can get past you, also do a lot of running, people tend to think defense doesnt require running, but it does, sometimes more than the other positions. And make sure your good at passing, listening, and long distance kicks for sure, good luck :)

Answer #3

I have played soccer for 7 years and it is the best sport ever. well if it is your first try out just have fun with it. I was the only girl in the whole region so I really had to work my a** off to get on any team and it worked out. the only tip that I have is to not run backwords really fast because you will lose your balance and fall(beleive me I broke my wrist doing that and I couldnt play the rest of the season, and that was my last season playing because the region said that I cant play any more because of all my injuries. oh another tip dont break anything or you will end up like me) well hope that helped.

Answer #4

thanks this helped!! =)

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