Does anyone have any tips on parallel parking?

Answer #1

When you’re about the do your parallel park there are some provisions you must take when setting it up. First of all, you need to be about 1-2 feet away from the vehicle you’re parallel parking onto. Make sure when you pull along side the vehicle that you use your blinker (it will be your right blinker since we drive on the right side of the road in the US).

When pulling up to the car go at a slow, yet steady speed. Make sure you don’t stop too hard, it can show that you’re not ready and that you’re also nervous. Of course most people are gonna be nervous, just try not to show it.

Mirror-to-mirror Measurements When you do pull alongside the vehicle you should line your right side view mirror up with their left side view mirror if your car and their car are nearly the same size. Now it gets a bit trickier, but that’s alright. If the car your parallel parking on is bigger than your car then align your mirror up about 6-12 inches behind theirs mirror (meaning you should be able to see the actual mirror part of their side view mirror; your car should be moved somewhat back towards the back of their car by a footish - use discretionary judgments). If the car you’re parallel parking on is smaller than your car, then move up towards the front of their car about 6-12 inches, depending on how much smaller the car is compared to yours.


Answer #2

Go to an empty parking lot and practice. You can even put down some form of markers so you know where you need to park within. Practicing is really all you can do.

Answer #3

stop right next to the car in front of the space u wanna park in. be parrallel to the car like l l. then turn ur wheel all the way nd go back then when ur half way in turn it back around. it might be a lot easier if u actually see it on youtube

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