Whats wrong with my car?

Hey everyone. I have a 2000 pontiac grand am GT and I am wondering why my sunroof works when it wants to. Some days when i push the button for it to open it usually opens all the way like its supposed to. But, most days it only opens about 3 inches and then stops… Anyone know whats going on and how to fix that? Also, sometimes my signals dont want to work… they work after i push the emergency flasher lights for a bit.. then when i shut those off the signals will work again… weird!! and the girl i bought the car from had the signals replaced only about 4 months ago…. Anyone know what the deal is with that? Any help/info is much appreciated!!! THANKS!!!

Answer #1

You could take it to the dealer and get it checked. Sounds like bad wires to me.

Answer #2

Yah sounds like you have a short somewhere, or maybe several of them. You can do a visual inspection under the hood and under the dash and make sure there are no wires that looked frayed or bare. If there are wrap them with electrician tape.

Answer #3

As big a fan I am of General Motors products, they aren’t known for good electronics. The directional issue is probably a multifunction switch, which I have no idea how much that would cost. Replacing it would require removal of the airbag from the steering wheel then the removal of the wheel itself, some digging around inside the column and then the final pulling-and replacement of the switch.

The sunroof……. that could be a number of things. Either again bad electronics, or something mechanical is going on, like for example an arm that holds onto the glass rusted due to a leak around the window, and now it sticks.

Perhaps the weather or the angle you park at could affect it. There are a number of things that could be wrong. Humidity in the air, stuff like that. Take note of these things when you think to and present them with your problems to your mechanic; avoid the dealer they overcharge bigtime.

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