Does anyone buy used cars through autotrader anymore?

The last few used cars we got were all from craigslist, not autotrader (their website was horrid at the time)…and just recently, we sold my wife’s car also using Craigslist. However when I was in my teens, it was all about autotrader for used cars…does anybody still use them, or did they fail to make the transition to the web in the right way and as a result are on the decline?

Answer #1

Sorry, we don’t have autotrader here and not actually answering your question as you wanted but I got a question…..How secure is it buying used cars online? Do you guys have a law where if a used car is being financed and someone buys the car without knowing that particular car is under finance, the new owner takes the debt with them.

Answer #2

Yep, those laws exist in the states…what I mean by “buying online” though is more finding the vehicle, the ultimate transaction is completed in person :)

Answer #3

@samantha.. i don’t think that’s possible because everything is connected to the car’s vin number and in order for a bank to finance a vehicle they would run that vin to check for a lot of things including the true owner of the vehicle. Also if the car is not owned outright then the seller wouldn’t be able to provide a pink slip to the buyer because technically if he still owes the bank then bank is the owner until the car is fully paid. =)

Answer #4

@Jeremy.. yes.. i still have friends in California that are using autotrader although craigslist seems to be more convenient.

Answer #5

It is possible here mate. A used car being advertised online by a car dealer, yes, there is not chance a buyer will be trapped but if it was a private sale, similar to what the ‘thedude’’s scenerio and not saying he is doggy, but if one is buying a use car directly and the buyer does not pay a finance person to check out the car, the new owner has the debt carried forward to them….It’s one of the dangers of buying use cars privately online or offline

Answer #6

Oh, sorry just read the last bit of info from yours…..Yes, if the previous owners takes out a personal loan and purchase the car and the loan is under his or her name, then yes….But many people purchase their new car through a car dealership which the car yard finance….If you buy the use car, you foot the debt.

Answer #7

i buy the auto trader mag every time its released.. its only a few quid but i do have a passion for buying late 80s early 90s sports cars, doing them and reselling them.. my last purchase from auto trader was a mg maestro turbo and that went fine with the private seller.. but i have a sneaking suspicion that the us and uk auto traders are different :S

Answer #8

its a great place to check out cars..i would use it if i were buying

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