Thailand worries

Im really scared abt going to thialand the desises and plane journey there and bk and everything cn anyone help me feel safe there and give me any advice abt it and tell me anything I sld no im havin injections for some stuf bt I want to no the side effects ok I want to no anything you no abt thailand plzzz thxs =d

Answer #1

Usually fear and worries come from the fact not having enough knowledge to feel comfortable with whatever that may be bothering you. In your case, it’s travelling to a new country. My best advice is to get informed about where you are going and to talk to people who have already been there. Buy a good travel book (ie: lonelyplanet) and read about Thailand history, culture and health advice. Also look at photos on the net or blogs from other travellers to get a feel for the place and discover things that you’d like to see or visit. Start to plan where you’d like to go and concentrate on the fun part of your trip. Also there are many travel forums like on the lonelyplanet website where you can get great advice and meet other travellers.

I’ve been to Thailand a few times and it’s a wonderful country with very friendly people. I’m sure you will find not only interesting but beautiful. AS for health concerns, like in any trip out of country, you might have some tummy upsets because of the change of food and water so you might want to bring along some medication for diarrhoea or upset stomach. Another useful thing to bring is medication for headaches or fever. Don’t go over board on medication since all can be bought in Thailand if need be.

Have a great trip :-)

Answer #2

the only thing I know about thailand is that my sister was ther for two weeks a few months back and said it was a great experience and now im going myself for a month soon I think once you get all yer shots you shud be ok but if anything is going to go seriously wrong like a natural disaster,disease,or poisiones animals then its going to happen and here is absolutly nothing tou can do to prevent it just prepare yourself as best you can as far as knowledge of the basics about the culture,law and risks involved same as when travelling to any foreign country,and try not too orry too much because you wont b able to relax!!!

Answer #3

i got a stomac infection and saminella food poisioning for 3 weeks in the end and went to hostbitle for a few days lost half a stone and was weak and had muscle spasiums and nearly went into a comber i was going in and out of consiness and everything but now monthes on im fine and even more healthyer than i was also it was an exspearance i had to have but glad its over

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