What do you think is best to do?

Okay so me and my mom are planning to move back to our hometown in Virginia. We found a house there and right now we’re about 95% sure we’re moving. We’re living in Georgia right now. My mom wants to move sometime in early August maybe but the house we’re getting won’t be available til like the 20th of August. We could stay at my aunt’s house but we’d have to figure out where to store all our stuff and where to put our animals. We have a dog, two cats, and a guinea pig just so you know. We could probably figure out about the animals it’s just storing our stuff is the real problem. Then there’s school. School here in GA starts on August 6 and my mom thought we could wait and not have me go to school and wait til we move. VA doesn’t start school until September. But my stepdad or my mom’s “boyfriend” who we are leaving might not allow me hanging around the house and not going to school. But we don’t like the idea of me starting one school just to leave and start another. My mom’s “boyfriend” I guess I should call him or soon to be ex isn’t going to be happy about us leaving. My mom worries if she tells him too soon he could probably want us to leave immediately. And he also doesn’t like people coming into his house and so if he decides not to help us move my mom would have a hard time on how she can move the big stuff out like the furniture. My cousin offered to help us but that’s making us wait til near the middle of August since he has work and school so that’s too long for us to wait. If we move up there earlier we’d have to worry about some things but at the same time if we wait we’d have to worry about school. I’m sorry this is a lot but I need advice on what you think is best to do and your opinions on it. Anything would help. Thanks a lot!

Answer #1

Well, what I would do is rent a storage unit and have someone come and help move everything out immediately. Find a temporary place for the pets and leave sooner rather than later. The moment you’re all out of there, he can’t do anything to make life difficult and you don’t have to explain yourself as to why you’re not in school. If he tries to get in the way when people are moving you out, you can call the police - he has no right to prevent you from taking your belongings.

Answer #2

Okay we just worry about how he’s going to react. Whenever my mom tries to talk to him about it at all he just shuts down and won’t speak to her

Answer #3

He doesn’t have to speak…all she has to do is tell him you are leaving…she doesn’t need an answer.

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