How much money would I need to convert for a week in Thailand?

Hey guys, so I’m travelling to Thailand (Phuket island and Bangkok) in January for a week… i need to know about the money issue mainly… how much American dollars i should convert into Baht for a week (spending money). I’m not looking to eat at the most expensive restaurants. just need spending money for each day in case I find some cheap clothes or stop by some little cafe and feel like having a coffee or a donut or something like that…

all help would be appreciated :) thanks guys

Answer #1

The exchange rate should be in your favour. Based on the current market exchange rate, your American dollar is worth 1 USD = 31.136 THB. I suggest bring US cash with you so you can exchange these to Thai baht dollars at any exchange shops instead of banks as their rates are lower. Also, it is worthwhile to bring some travellers cheques with you and keep it in a safe place so if you run out US cash you have the cheques to convert into cash. Thailand has a lower living standard so most of their foods, products etc are dirt cheap. You can buy meals for less then US$2. Just be mindful if you need to take a taxi whilst in Phuket to get to any cities within Thailand, you need bargain and have the price agreed between you and the driver BEFORE you get into the taxi as the driver can rip you off and they are really bad at ripping foreigners off. As for eating, I suggest not eating anything that does not required, peeling, boiling and cooking. We been to Phuket a few times and only spend AUS $150 a per day and that include a hell lot of alcohol and going to nice restaurants and sight seeing.

Answer #2

Oops, typo. “you should eat things that do require peeling, boiling and cooking” otherwise your tummy is going to hate you later on and do not drink tap water. Make sure the bottle waters are purchase at a proper shop and not a street corner as they can be using contaminated water. Never ask for ice with your drinks.

Answer #3

thanks alot Samantha :) really helps me out here!

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